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Otto Frei Professional Metalsmithing Kit

Part # 138.500
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Product Details

The Otto Frei Professional Metalsmithing Hand Tools Kit contains mostly Swiss, German, French & American made premium quality tools that a professional would choose for a lifetime of use. This Metalsmithing Hand Tools Kit is a great way to quickly put together the tools necessary for forming gold, silver, platinum, copper and other non-ferrous metals into handmade jewelry creations. Featuring Glardon-Vallorbe Swiss Made files, Swiss made saw blades in the KERF saw blade holder, German made Peddiman planishing hammer, saw frame and dividers, the Fretz chasing hammer & Fretz/Otto Frei-Todd Reed Goldsmtihs hammer, Durston steel bench block, Asic jig vise mitre cutter, Durston ring mandrel, Stay Sharp lubricant and jewelers' ruler. The remaining products in this kit, including the digital gauge, ring clamp, Proxxon bench vise, oval bracelet mandrel, dapping set, disc cutter set and 3M protective safety glasses are built to the highest European and USA standards, sourced from Asia. Due to recent world wide supply issues due to Covid 19, substitutions are made to this kit with like price and quality tools when necessary.

One great feature of this kit is that absolutely no electricity is required to use it. Not one tool requires a outlet. Everything is 100% human powered.

This kit also contains Tim McCreights The Complete Metalsmith, Pro edition, the version of his book that includes additional content with over 300 pages of metalsmithing techniques.

Kit Contains:
112.300 - Larger Horn Anvil
112.326 - Durston 100mm X 100mm Bench Block
121.095 - Stay Sharp Lubricant 1-2/3 Oz. Push Up Tube
125.108PRO - Dapping Punch Set Of 24 Pro Line With Block 
126.363 - Leather Sandbag 7"
126.450 - Hand Held Sawing Jig/Joint Cutter Italia
129.350 - 3M Safety Glasses-
135.084 - Divider 3 Inch
135.185 - Electronic Digital Caliper
135.511 - Jewelers Rule!-Otto Frei Jewelry Makers Scale
135.568 - Premium Quality Wire & Sheet Gauge-B&S 0-36
137.034 - Peddiman Planishing Hammer 
137.114 - Hammer-Ball Pein 4-oz Value Line
137.199 - Fretz HMR-17 Chasing Hammer With Pistol Grip
137.222 - Swiss Style Riveting Hammer 60mm
137.703 - Rawhide Mallets #3, 8 Oz
137.783 - Vallorbe Size 3 Blue plastic file handle x1
137.784 - Vallorbe Size 4 Blue plastic file handle x4
137.810 - Medium Cushion Grip Needle File Handle Fits 10cm-16cm & Escapement files
137.185 - Fretz -Otto Frei-Todd Reed Goldsmithing Hammer
143.020DURS - Stepped Oval Bracelet Mandrel With Tang  
143.088 - Durston Steel Ring Mandrel Graduated USA Sizes 1-16
147.306 - Blue Denim Aprons
148.125 - Wood Ring Clamp 
149.495 - Swiss Saw Blade Assortment in KERF Saw Blade Organizer
149.703 - German Saw Frame 3" 75mm Depth
153.804 - Shears-German Straight Blade Solder Snip
158.040 - Proxxon Bench Vise
162.522 - The Complete Metalsmith-Professional Edition
126.499 - Asic French Made Jig Vise Mitre Cutter 
125.1790 - Disc Cutter Set of 10 - 1/8" to 1-1/4"
LP1060-6-2  Glardon-Vallorbe LP1060-6-2 Barrette Precision File
LP1560-6-2  Glardon-Vallorbe LP1560-6-2 Half-Round Precision Files
LP1163-6-2  Glardon-Vallorbe LP1163-6-2 Hand Precision Files
LP1464-6-2  Glardon-Vallorbe LP1464 Square Precision Files
LP1360-6-2  Glardon-Vallorbe LP1360-6-2 Three Square Precision Files
LA2442-2  Glardon-Vallorbe LA2442-2 Swiss Made Needle File Sets Of Six - Cut 2 Medium

California Prop 65 Warning:
Cancer and Reproductive Harm.

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