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Otto Frei Starter Soldering Kit

Part # 154.988
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Product Details

Otto Frei has put together a soldering kit that contains all the basic items you will need to begin to solder.

Just add the torch of your choice and and you are ready to begin hard soldering, as we call it in the jewelry industry. Hard soldering is referred to as brazing in other industries, and is different from low temperature soldering (called soft soldering) that is done with soldering irons and low temperature solders like tin or lead solders. Hard soldering is done with a torch at temperatures starting at approximately 1500 F, and with suitable solder materials like silver solders or gold solders.

This starter kit contains almost the exact same items in our professional soldering kit, except in smaller quantities. To lower the price even more we substituted a less expensive pickle pot. This kit contains a small amount of silver solder, so all you have to add is a torch to begin hard soldering today!

Kit contains:

116.259 Synthetic Sable Flux Brush
143.638 Binding Wire
145.140 Pickle/Otto Tech 1-1/2 lb (Makes 1/2 Gallon)
145.300 Pickler-0.65 Quart
148.230 Inside Ring Holding Soldering Tweezers
154.080 Soldering- 3rd Hand with Tweezers
154.152 Charcoal Block 
154.208 Silquar Soldering Board 6" x 12"
154.396 Firescoff 1 oz.
154.402 Soldering Flux - Batterns 3 oz. Jar
154.440 Ottoflux Paste Flux 1-1/2oz
154.462 Tix Anti-Flux 1/2 oz.
154.468 Kool-Jool-8 oz Jar *Substituted with Heat Shield on occasion due to availability
154.771 Tungsten Tip Solder Pick
157.054 Tongs-Copper 8-1/2 Inch Fishtail Ends
157.0738 Soldering Tweezers AA
157.760 Crosslock Soldering Tweezers with Insulated Grips
804-400 Silver Wire Solder X-Easy

California Prop 65 Warning:
Cancer and Reproductive Harm.

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