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OttoBCR - Ultrasonic Buffing Compound Remover Concentrated Solution

Part # 123.612
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Product Details

Ultrasonic Solution designed to rapidly remove Tripoli, Rouge, White Diamond and Other Buffing Compounds from Metal Jewelry.

Choose from 2 sizes:
  • 123.612Q 1 Quart
  • 123.612 1 Gallon

Finally, a high quality ultrasonic buffing compound remover has been developed at an extremely reasonable cost. OttoBCR is an alkaline ultrasonic solution designed to rapidly remove Tripoli, rouge, white diamond and other buffing compounds from metal jewelry. It's safe on silver, gold, brass, copper and most metals. It is an alkaline solution, so rest whether is affects your stones and gems first. OttoBCR can also be used as an excellent tumbling/burnishing additive with steel shot an other abrasive media. OttoBCR can be used at ratios of at least 5% (1:20) OttoBCR to water up to 10% (1:10) OttoBCR to water.

The ratio is 1 parts cleaner to 8 parts water and can be more diluted but 1:8

Add OttoBCR (5-10%) to water in your ultrasonic. Mix. Then heat to optimum temperature (120°-140°F). Maintain the concentration of OttoBCR in the bath by frequent additions.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

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nathan rasmussen
The very best!

I have tried about a dozen different formulas and nothing works as well as BCR! I am in a high volume repair shop and nothing removes the stuff left in customers jewelry like this without leaving a weird residue.