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Ottoflux Paste Flux

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Product Details

OttoFlux is a creamy white silver brazing paste flux that is active and protective to 1600°F (870°C). It is recommended for use with Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper, Copper-based alloys, ferrous metals, Nickel and Carbides. OttoFlux contains no Potassium Bifluoride and will not irritate the skin. The flux will not harden or crystallize, having a two year shelf life when stored properly. Also know as Superior No. 6 Paste Flux. 

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OttoFlux paste flux may be used in concentrated form or diluted with water to a thinner consistency. Heating the flux to 140°F (60°C) -180°F (82°C) makes it less viscous and more reactive. Heat the flux slowly to reduce spattering or excessive bubbling. The raw flux and residues are soluble in hot water (at least 140°F/60°C) Chipping and grinding is not necessary.

  • Remove any oil, grease or other contaminants from the surface to be brazed.
  • Apply flux to joint by dipping, swabbing or brushing area being brazed. The flux may be used as supplied or diluted.
  • Apply heat, by torch or other means to area being brazed after flux has been applied to activate the flux.
  • Feed the braze alloy (solder) into the joint, unless a brazing preform (solder) is already in place.
  • Clean flux residues from brazed joint using hot water (at least 140°F/60°C). If unavailable, room temperature water may also be used.

OttoFlux contains no Potassium Bifluoride making it a safer flux. 

OttoFlux contains Potassium Fluoborate (CAS no. 14075-53-7) and is not a fluoride free flux. 

Fluorides are necessary ingredients in silver brazing fluxes, because they are critical in removing the metal oxides which is necessary for proper wetting and bonding. Ottoflux contains no potassium bifluoride, as opposed to most other silver brazing fluxes. This makes it safer on the skin, as well as the eyes and lungs. 

OttoFlux should be handled with care. Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing, using NIOSH approved safety goggles, rubber gloves and a rubber apron. As an added precaution, wash hands thoroughly after use. Brazing (soldering) should be done with adequate ventilation. 

Disposal of raw flux and flux residues must be carried out in accordance with local and federal environmental guidelines. 

Ottoflux paste flux is a popular paste flux used in the jewelry industry developed by the largest supplier of fluxes in the USA. Sold under a variety of brand names throughout the world. If you are using another brand name of bifluoride-free paste flux, it is probably the same as Ottoflux.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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