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Pike Platinum Jewelers Saw Blades By the Dozen-12 Pieces

Part # 149.610D
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Sawblade Size: #2

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Product Details

January 2023- Scies Miniatures SA of Switzerland has discontinued the Pike Platinum line of Jewelers Saw Blades.  Scies recommends the Super Pike brand as the replacement for the Pike Platinum.  The Super Pike brand is the latest and greatest Jewelers Saw Blade you can buy.  It combines the hardest of the Pike Platinum with the flexibility and longevity of the Otto Frei Swiss (Pike) brand of Jewelers Saw Blades.

As these dozens of Pike Platinum Saw Blades sell out, they are no longer available.  Gross packaging is already no longer available.

Pike Platinum Jewelers Saw Blades are the hardest and sharpest Jewelers Saw Blade in the World. For cutting platinum, stainless steel and all hard metals.

Pike Platinum jewelers saw blades are made by Scies Miniatures SA of Vallorbe Switzerland using a harder steel than what is used for there other jewelers saw blades making them perfect for cutting harder metals like platinum, stainless steel and others. Normally using a harder metal can make for more breakage so the Scies factory developed a special heat treating process that gives these blades surprising flexibility and a excellent resistance to breakage. They also work well with softer metals like gold, silver, copper and brass. The Pike Platinum blade has extremely sharp teeth and a distinctive gray color to help tell it apart from other blades. Jewelers Saw Blades are 130 mm (5.125") long and are used in jeweler's saws and fretsaws. They will not fit coping saws.


Choose from remaining Sizes:

149.606D  2/0 .26mm (.0103") thick-.53mm (.0204") wide-21 teeth per CM (56 teeth per inch)
149.608D  #1  .30mm (.0120") thick-.64mm (.0240") wide-19 teeth per CM (51 teeth per inch)
149.610D  #2  .33mm (.0134") thick-.69mm (.0276") wide-17 teeth per CM (43 teeth per inch)
149.611D  #3  .36mm (.0150") thick-.74mm (.0290") wide-16 teeth per CM (40 teeth per inch)
149.612D  #4  .38mm (.0158") thick-.79mm (.0307") wide-15 teeth per CM (38 teeth per inch)

The above numbers are sold in packs of 12 individual saw blades. 


When choosing the correct sawblade, a good rule of thumb is to have at least 3 teeth cutting at one time.


Drill Size for Piercing


8/0: #80 (Otto Frei HSS twist drill 128.580)

7/0: #80 (Otto Frei HSS twist drill 128.580)

6/0: #79 (Otto Frei HSS twist drill 128.579)

5/0: #78 (Otto Frei HSS twist drill 128.578)

4/0: #77 (Otto Frei HSS twist drill 128.577)

3/0: #76 (Otto Frei HSS twist drill 128.576)

2/0: #75 (Otto Frei HSS twist drill 128.575)

1/0: #73 (Otto Frei HSS twist drill 128.573)

#1: #71 (Otto Frei HSS twist drill 128.571)

#2: #70 (Otto Frei HSS twist drill 128.570)

#3: #68 (Otto Frei HSS twist drill 128.568)

#4: #67 (Otto Frei HSS twist drill 128.567)

#5: #65 (Otto Frei HSS twist drill 128.565)

#6: #58 (Otto Frei HSS twist drill 128.558)




#8: #55 (Otto Frei HSS twist drill 128.555)

California Prop 65 Warning:
This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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