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Presidium PDT Duo Tester-Identify Diamonds & Colored Stones

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Product Details

The Presidium DuoTester differs from the Presidium Gem Tester in that the Presidium DuoTester includes a digital reflectivity measurement function. You now have two types of testing in one instrument, thermal testing with the thermal testing probe and analog needle display and reflectivity testing with the digital read out. Both tests are simultaneously performed through the testing probe at a single push of the test button. By using both tests, you have additional information to help you correctly identify all diamond simulants, including Mossianite, and increased assurance of correctly identifying popular colored gemstones.

Diamond and its simulants reflect light proportionally to their respective refractive index. The PRESIDIUM DUOTESTER II provides the user with a digital reflectivity meter and an easy to use Simulant Reflectivity Chart. The reflectivity number from the meter is simply cross-referenced with the chart to identify the stone. An unknown gemstone can be tested for its thermal conductivity and, if necessary, the results can be confirmed with a quick and simple reflectivity test.

Please Note-All stones indicated as diamond by the thermal tester should be tested with the reflectivity meter to test for Synthetic Moissanite, since Mossanite has the same thermal characteristics as diamond.

Thermal Testing
Use the thermal testing probe and the analog needle indicator to test for diamonds and colored gemstones. The easy to read dial of the Duotester is calibrated to indicate the differences in thermal conductivity of the most popular gemstones and simulants. Simply touch the tip of the thermal testing probe to a mounted or loose stone. Diamond is easily identified by any reading in the green area of the dial, and colored gemstones can be easily differentiated by the clearly labeled zones provided in the red area. Even coated gemstones can be accurately tested.

Easy Fail Safe Calibration
The PRESIDIUM DUOTESTER comes complete with built in diamond and simulant test discs for easy calibration of the thermal tester. Calibration of the Reflectivity Meter is made easy with the built in diamond substitute set. This unit contains the sample diamond substitute set which includes one stone each-YAG, Cubic Zirconium, Zircon, Strotinum Titanati, GGG, Synthetic Spinel and Synthetic Sapphire. The stones are approx. 5.0mm in diameter and fit securely inside a slide out tray with a plastic cover.

The thermal probe pen includes a metal warning detector that emits an audible buzz if the gem mounting is accidentally touched. The Duo Tester can be powered by 5 AA alkaline batteries or by the 120V AC adapter provided.

Guaranteed Quality
The PRESIDIUM DUOTESTER is manufactured under rigid quality standards. The user is assured of the highest satisfaction and dependable service from this PRESIDIUM instrument. Each DUOTESTER is tested for functionality before shipment.
2-year factory warranty

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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