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PUK 6 with SM6 and PUK Argon Flow Regulator

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Product Details

The new PUK 6 with SM6 and PUK Argon Flow Regulator masters the welding of accessories, applying metal, fastening work, welding eyelets, sealing pores, generating seams, welding precious metals including silver as all as copper, bronze and all alloys suitable for welding, even material thickness of less than 0.2mm.

The PUK 6 with SM6 features elegant design and consistent repeatable welds with plenty of German bells and whistles embedded in the software to make welding all metals simple and intuitive. Up to 3.3 welding spots per second: Welding sequence now up to 65% faster. Smoother, more homogenous weld spots - excellent weld seam even with variable weld spot gaps. Higher heat input where needed, perfect welding results even with critical materials. 50% smaller welding spots in low power range. Minimal pulse duration now down to 0.1ms: 67% shorter welding time in micro mode. 20% faster and more agile electrode travel. Maximum electrode thickness now up to 1mm. Up to 50% longer service life of the electrode (Measured average improvement in test trials, actual improvement depending on individual usage mode).

Quick operation and material selection through direct menu selection with one single turn-push-tilt knob. 70% higher screen resolution for improved viewing angle in any operating condition. New standby mode - quick restart: Continuous availability at 85% lower energy consumption.

  • 1 set of special electrodes including diamond grinding wheel
  • 2 Crocodile Clips, Cleaning brush
  • Hose Included to connect gas to PUK 6
  • Argon flow regulator - Now Included! A $250 value!
  • More Product Information

Product Highlights:
  • Maintenance-free technology
  • Low Argon consumption
  • Compact Size
  • Welding seams
  • Repairing porosity
  • The ability to attach work pieces prior to soldering
  • Precise welding under the welding microscope
  • Capable of welding even the thinnest of materials

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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