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Quatro CA-100-16 CollectALL Combo Fume & Dust Collector-110V

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Product Details

This is the one unit that does it all! Originally built as a special order for a customer who was seeking one machine that would combine a fume collector with a particulate collector, the Quatro CollectALL is a great product for the jeweler looking for a single system that can collect solder fumes and bench debris.

The CollectAll has 3 different types of filters with both inlets having the same capabilities to filter for fume or particulate matter. Each inlet has a single first stage filter bag for collecting particulate matter, then a 2nd stage activated charcoal filter that contains a combination of two types of charcoal-one for filtering smoke fumes and another for filtering plating fumes. The final 3rd stage filter is a HEPA filter, the highest rated filter available for particulate matter. The air that is vented from the unit is scrubbed 99.9% clean of smoke and particulate matter, far cleaner than the air you breath in an urban environment.

The CollectAll has a variable speed motor that is controlled by a dial on the lower front of the box. The top inlets are 3" in diameter.

Like all Quatro models, the CollectAll is 99.9% efficient, requiring no additional venting in your workshop and features a whisper quiet hi-speed brushless motor with a decibel range of about 62 to 72 depending of the speed you are running. This is a 120V/1/60 model drawing 10 amps. Unit weighs 75lbs-shipping weight 105 pounds. Ships Truck Freight Only.

Other voltages (208/220/230/240V) are available by special order.

The Collect All includes one 10 foot length of premium 3" diameter suction hose and 4 clamps.

Recommended Options:
  • 147.631 Quatro Solder Pure Mobile Arm
  • 147.6007 Quatro Caster Set of 4
  • 147.633 Quatro mc2 Controller

Product Details:
  • Height 26" (661m)
  • Width 17" (432mm)
  • Depth 14" (356mm)
  • Motor: Brushless-Whisper Quiet-Draws 10 Amps 120V
  • Suction Rating: CFM 450 (Cubic Feet per Minute) 240m3/h (Cubic Meter per Hour)

Replacement Filters/Media:
  • 147.610C (AG149) Pack of 6 First Stage Filter Bags
  • 147.629C (F-072-BPC) Plating Fumes Filter Complete
  • 147.629D (NC-BPC) Charcoal Refill-Plating Fumes (for 5 refills)*
  • 147.628C (F-072-GPC) Solder/Waxing/Smoke Filter Complete
  • 147.628D (NC-GPC) Charcoal Refill-Solder Fumes (for 5 refills)*
  • 147.610D (F074) HEPA Filter

Configure your CollectAll anyway you wish, creating your own personal fume and dust collecting system for your shop. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you create a system that will work best for your situation.


* The second stage activated charcoal filter is an aluminum frame re-usable filter. It is not necessary to purchase a complete filter, but we do stock them. Simply replace the activated charcoal inside the filter frame every three months or more often if needed. Use a 50/50 mix of the two types of activated charcoal to keep unit effective for both smoke and plating fumes, or use all of one type or the other to fit your needs.

Now ships UPS, FedEx or Internationally by DHL in 2 smaller to handle boxes.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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