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Quatro Gold Vault Extra INFINITY Dust Collector-HD-110V

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Product Details

Quatro Gold Vault Extra INFINITY Dust Collector-Heavy Duty Motor Version - 110V

New Version-Combines Dust and Fume Collection in One Personal System

New Control Panel
New Filter 3 Stage Filter Configuration-Now includes as standard individual HEPA filter and Charcoal Fume & Odor Filter

First Stage 147.608AG321 AG321-03 Bag Filter
Second Stage 147.608M  F229 Fume & Odor Charcoal Filter
Third Stage 147.608K F230 HEPA Filter
Heavy Duty INFINITY Motor


This is the new and improved Quatro Gold Vault, Heavy Duty Motor Version. The 110V GV-217 KRJ model now includes 3 stage filtering to collect dust and fume (odor) without having to upgrade to a separate filtering system. The Quatro Gold Vault Dust Collector is now only available with the heavy duty motor. The heavy duty motor requires no maintenance and can last for 3-5 years (motor life: 2000 hours of normal use) before needing replacement. 

The Quatro Gold Vault is a quiet and powerful personal dust collector for use close to where you work, producing 150 CFM through one 1-1/2" inlet. As a particulate dust collector, the Gold Vault is powerful enough to keep the dust and debris you generate when you work with files, burs, polishing wheels out of your face and lungs and into your pocket. And now the new versions of Gold Vaults come right from the factory with an extra charcoal filter, for keeping the odor out of your air produced by your bench torch!

The Quatro Gold Vault Heavy Duty Motor version uses a quiet variable speed 120V, 7A, 1PH, 60hz turbine motor rated at 1HP (also available in 220V see 147.608HD-220V). With a compact 9" x 9" footprint, the Gold Vault can be placed right next to your workbench while taking up very little space. Overall dimensions are 9" Wide by 9" Deep by 19" High.

The Quatro Gold Vault uses a three stage filtering process to capture particulates. First stage is an easy to access conventional bag filter for capturing larger particles. Second stage is a charcoal odor filter F229 for capturing fume and smoke odor that particulate filters are not able to do. Third stage is a HEPA rated filter F230 for capturing the finest particulates of dust and debris. 

It has a variable speed 1HP turbine motor that, unlike many dust collector motors, runs amazingly quiet. Quatro clean air technology leads the jewelry industry in quiet, powerful and efficient dust collectors. The Quatro Gold Vault motor has a one year factory warranty with a two year factory warranty on everything else.  The Gold Vault includes two 4-foot lengths of 1-1/2" hi-efficiency grounded flexible hose and a T-section.

You will want to connect your GoldVault to polishing hoods or solder fume hoods. Otto Frei sells a variety of polishing accessories that you can use. One popular way to set-up the Quatro Gold Vault is to connect one hose to a polishing hood, like the Jet Port with Comfort Zone (147.032GRS), and then connect the second hose to the Quatro AA008 Fume Collection Hood with Mobile Arm Kit (147.631) using the optional step down adapter (147.6011). Other solutions include just running a single hose to a single collection port or making your own collection tools to suit your needs. Otto Frei can help you with your connection issues as we sell adapters, like the 147.6011 mentioned above, for connecting the 1-1/2" diameter GoldVault to 3" diameter connections. Due to the wide variety of accessories that can be used, you may require things like hose clamps, duct tape, weatherstripping or PVC irrigation adapters to make your final connections secure. Additional hose may be required to fit your specific applications.

Be sure to check out the Quatro mc2 controller and how it can help make your Gold Vault an "On-Demand" system that automatically turns on when your flex shaft is in use. Click on the link for the Quatro mc2 below to find out more.

Popular Options:
147.608C-10FT or 147.608C-50FT Quatro 1-1/2" Diameter Hose (10 ft or 50 ft lengths)
147.633 Quatro mc2 Controller
147.608G Heavy Duty INFINITY motor complete
147.634 on/off hand switch
147.636 on/off foot switch
147.032GRS Jet Port with Comfort Zone
147.631 Quatro Fume Collection Hood Kit
147.6011 Step Down Adapter 3' to 1-1/2" Hose

Product Details:
Height 19" (483mm)
Width 9" (229mm)
Depth 9" (229mm)
Motor: Quiet High Speed Turbine-Draws 7 Amps 120V 
Suction Rating: CFM 141 (Cubic Feet per Minute) 240m3/h (Cubic Meter per Hour)
1 year warranty on motor-2 years everything else-except filters 


Filters Configuration for models GVL217-KRJ and GV221-26G Current models in production since late 2017.  These are the filters pictured above.

147.608AG321 (AG321-3) Pack of 3 First Stage Particulate Filters Box Bags-White Color-Sealable
147.608AR488 (AR488) Steel Grille (Only used with above AG321-3 bags)
147.608K F229 Charcoal Fume & Odor Filter
147.608M F230 HEPA Filter 

Filters Configuration for models GV117-KRJ, GV117-KRJ-26  Sold up to late 2017.  

147.608A (AG140)* Pack of 5 First Stage Particulate Filter Bags White Color 
147.608K F229 Charcoal Fume & Odor Filter
147.608M F230 HEPA Filter 

*Or Optional 147.608AXF (AG204) Pack of 5 First Stage Particulate Filter Bags Yellow Color (Xtra Fine)

Models GV117-KRJ, GV117-KRJ-26  do not use the 147.608AR488 (AR488) Steel Grille.

Filters Configuration for models GV101 and GV201. First production up to 2015.

147.608B Cartridge Filter
147.608D HEPA/Charcoal Box Filters 

GV101 and GV201 models cannot use the filters used on all other Gold Vault models.

How often should you change your filters? That depends on how you use your GoldVault. The first stage bags should be checked often and emptied or replaced as needed. Just like a vacuum cleaner bag you can empty them. You can also tape them closed and send them off to the refiner with the precious metal dust that is inside. Second stage odor filters should be replaced when they lose their effectiveness-which is when you can smell odors coming from the GoldVault. The third stage HEPA filter should last the longest. You should visual inspect them to make sure they don't fill up with debris. A good rule of thumb is to have extra filter bags on hand and if your use your system daily, replace the charcoal filter every 6 months and the HEPA filter once a year. You may have to replace them more often or less often as it all depends on how you use your GoldVault.

Older model GV221-16 takes parts: 147.608D, 147.608A, 147.608B and 147.608AXF.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

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Small studio friendly

Love this system. Perfect for my small studio. Have had it for over a year and it is holding up well. Save yourself some hassle and get the switch or foot pedal to turn on and off.