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Quatro i Series Intelligent Hi-Efficiency Bench Top Dust Collector

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by Quatro

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Product Details

The 1st High Efficiency Bench Top Dust Collector with HEPA filter-Intelligent System - Tells You When to Change Filters- Includes Quatro Coolblue 1/2 HP 2-Speed Polishing Motor & Tapered Spindles

Compact Innovative Design-Modern Full Size Performance

One of the most important features of this mid- size space saving dust collector is that you can move the motor side to side on the adjustable rack. That allows you the use of some longer polishing accessories, thing like felt inside ring polishers, that you would normally need a much wider dust collector to use. All you do is loosen up the adjustable motor rack and move the motor to one side to give you the space you need for these longer tools.

Quatro introduces the first bench top dust collector system that features a high-efficiency 3 stage filtering system and an intelligent design that will notify you when its time to change filters. The Quatro i Series is the product of years of research by Quatro to make a truly superior small bench top dust collector system for the jewelry shop. Every single design element is thoughtfully considered to bring you a compact dust collector that will meet and exceed your needs for years to come. From its variable speed yet incredible powerful suction motor to the brilliantly designed adjustable motor rack, the Quatro dust collector is just the best thought out bench top dust collector ever.

The Quatro i Series CB2-11B R9 Features:
  • Intelligent design featuring filter change notification
  • Variable speed brushless turbine suction motor with 200 cfm on each side when filters are installed.
  • 99% efficient 3-stage filter system with 1st stage pre-filter, 2nd stage F007 filter and final 3rd stage F022 HEPA filter
  • 1/2 hp two speed Cool Blue air filtered polishing motor on side to side adjustable centering track
  • Under hood super bright LED Illumination
  • Included clear splash shield
  • Built in AIR PURIFIER to purify the air in the room when you are not polishing
  • Compact 24" wide by 12-1/4" high by 20-1/4" deep design
  • Available in 110/60 or 230/60

The Quatro i Series bench top dust collector has a filter change notification system that will illuminate when it is time to change your 2nd stage filter and inspect your 3rd stage HEPA filter. The 1st stage filters should be inspected and changed often as needed. Hi efficiency dust collector systems work best when filters are not saturated. The unique side to side adjustable track for the polishing motor allows you to move the motor to one side to accommodate long polishing products such as finger buffs that would normally extend beyond the filter gates on compact dust collectors of this size. This feature means you can enjoy all the benefits of a full size bench top dust collector in space saving compact design. The Quatro i Series also includes a powerful and super bright LED lighting system to give you the best possible illumination while polishing. The LED lights have an extremely long service life so you don't have to worry about replacing burnt out bulbs. The powerful 400 cfm brushless turbine suction motor is variable speed and is controlled using the top control panel.

The Quatro i Series bench top dust collector comes with a 12 month factory warranty. Shipping weight is 84 lbs. Ships in two boxes, one with the dust collector, the other box the polishing motor. Actual net weight of dust collector with polishing motor is 75 lbs.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

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When you start this baby up you know you purchased a great polisher. While it sounds like it could suck small children up through its vents it is not overly loud. The motor is strong and also has its own filtering, the two speeds sufficient for whatever needs to be polished. Those LED lights are the only point of issue. They are great lights better than any other, but you really need to purchase the extra light package so that both sides of the polisher are lit properly. But at 115 dollars the extra light is worth it. I suppose you could nit pick about why they are not included with the package but the answer would probably not fill any of us with much satisfaction. Not nearly as much satisfaction as you get from using this polisher.