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Quatro SPB-560-1T-K SolderPure Combo Solder/Rhodium Fume Extractor-110V

Part # 147.630
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by Quatro

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Product Details

The Quatro SolderPure line of Fume extractors are specially designed to source capture solder smoke & fumes before they migrate throughout your workshop. 


This is the Quatro SolderPure SWS/RP Combo (Solder/Waxing/Smoke-Rhodium Fumes/Plating Fumes) Fume Extractor.


SolderPures are available in 3 models:


147.630 SPB-560-1T-K combination unit, for doing both Solder/Waxing/Smoke and Rhodium/Plating fumes SWS/RP. Contains 2 Charcoal filters. Added filter reduces CFM rating.


147.628 SPB-560-1BK for removing soldering, waxing smoke and odors. This is the Quatro SolderPure SWS (Solder/Waxing/Smoke) Fume Extractor.

147.629 SPB-560-1R-K for removing rhodium/plating fumes


SolderPures have a 3 stage filtering system with the final stage containing a special 2" thick charcoal filter. This Solder/Waxing/Smoke fume Extractor contains the standard charcoal filter. The Rhodium/Plating fume extractor contains the special ammonia charged charcoal filter.  This combination unit contains both standard and ammonia charged charcoal filters.*

SolderPures do not need to be vented, as they are 99.9% efficient in removing harmful smoke and odors from the workplace. SolderPures are mounted on casters for shop mobility. Noise is not a problem as the whisper quite SolderPure operates at only 52 dba. This Combination SolderPure is rated at 125 CFM.  Single charcoal filter SolderPures are rated at 170 CFM. Using 2 charcoal filters back to back, as this combo unit does, reduces the CFM as compared to single charcoal filter units.



SolderPures have 2 ports on top (photo shows one with a red cover cap, the other with the included Quatro AA006 Flex Extraction Arm with Slide Valve) so you can set up a two different fume collection stations. 


This Combo SolderPure has this filter configuration:


147.610D Quatro F074 HEPA Filter
147.629C Quatro F072-BPC Charcoal Rhodium Filter*
147.628C Quatro F072-GPC Charcoal Solder/Waxing/Smoke Filter*
147.628E Quatro F069-220 SolderPure Filter Pad



*These charcoal filters are refillable. No need to buy complete charcoal replacement filters.  Simply purchase the charcoal refill of your choice. Each refill contains enough material for 5 refills.  


  • 147.629D Quatro NC-BPC Charcoal Rhodium Refill Material
  • 147.628D Quatro NC-GPC Charcoal Solder/Waxing/Smoke Refill Material



This SolderPure includes the following accessories:


  • Quatro AA006 Flexible Extraction Arm with 3" diameter Slide Valve.
  • Quatro M041 Table Bracket for 3" diameter hose
  • Quatro 3" diameter Fume Hose-8 feet with Clamps


Install your SolderPure near your fume source.  Clamp the 3" diameter fume hose to one of the inlets and the other end attach to Quatro 147.6006 Table Bracket. Then attach the hard plastic flexible extraction arm with the hood to the Table Bracket. Place the hood as close as you can near, preferable over, the fume source.


You can purchase additional Extraction Arms as needed either as supplied (Quatro AA006, Otto Frei 147.631E) or in a complete kit with the Table Bracket and hose, Quatro AA008, Otto Frei part no. 147.631.




SolderPures can be attached to an optional foot pedal,#AA175 , for turning off and on, or the mc2 automatic control box, part number 147.633, that can make your flex shaft foot control (or other piece of equipment like a foot controled wax pen) an on/off switch for the SolderPure. The SolderPure measures 20" high by 12-3/4" wide by 15-3/4" deep and has a shipping weight of 56 lbs and is standard 115V/60C. 



Because the Combo SolderPure uses both Solder/Waxing Smoke and Rhodium/Plating 3rd stage high-density filters, Combo SolderPures have less suction than either the Solder only or Rhodium only SolderPures. For that reason, we recommend the Combo SolderPure be used only if you need to extract both Solder and Rhodium/Plating fumes. This note is for the Quatro SolderPure combination solder fumes, waxing fumes, smoke fumes  and rhodium fume extractor.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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