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Round Redi-Prong Kits

Part # 840-300
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Kit Options: 14K Yellow & White 300pcs

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Product Details

Choose from 3 Kits:

  • 840-300  14K Yellow & White 300pcs
  • 84C-300  18K Yellow & White 300pcs
  • 84B-300  Platinum 65pcs

Re-tip prongs quickly and easily on all size diamonds with Redi-Prongs, truly one of the greatest labor saving products for the professional bench jeweler since the invention of the flex shaft. Redi Prongs are precision sized pieces of precious metal with pre-applied solder that makes the job of re-tipping prongs on diamonds quicker and easier. Redi-Prongs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including Princess shape, V-Prong shape, Baguette shape and Channel shape. Original Redi-Prongs are made with pre-applied solder for torch work. Laser Redi-Prongs are used with laser welders and are solderless. These are round Redi-Prongs with solder for re-tipping prongs on all size diamonds while using a jewelers torch.  

The Redi-Prong 14K 300pcs. kit contains:

  • 65pcs. 14K Yellow size .01-.20ct
  • 30pcs. 14K Yellow size .20 to .50ct
  • 20pcs. 14K Yellow size .50 to 1ct
  • 10pcs. 14K Yellow size 1ct+
  • 65pcs. 14K White size .01-.20ct
  • 30pcs. 14K White size .20 to .50ct
  • 20pcs. 14K White size .50 to 1ct
  • 10pcs. 14K White size 1ct+

The Redi-Prong 18K 300pcs. kit contains:

  • 65pcs. 18K Yellow size .01-.20ct
  • 30pcs. 18K Yellow size .20 to .50ct
  • 20pcs. 18K Yellow size .50 to 1ct
  • 10pcs. 18K Yellow size 1ct+
  • 65pcs. 18K White size .01-.20ct
  • 30pcs. 18K White size .20 to .50ct
  • 20pcs. 18K White size .50 to 1ct
  • 10pcs. 18K White size 1ct+

The Redi-Prong Platinum 65pcs. kit contains:

  • 27pcs. Platinum size .01-.20ct
  • 18pcs. Platinum size .20 to .50ct
  • 12pcs. Platinum size .50 to 1ct
  • 8pcs. Platinum size 1ct+  

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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