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Free Domestic Shipping on orders over $250 and less than 10lbs.

Ships Free-Durston Jeweler's Workbench

Part # 113.045
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by Durston

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Product Details

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Since its introduction to the US market in 2017, the Durston Jeweler's Workbench has become our top seller in it's class, with thousands sold across the United States!

This bench is based on the classic American style jeweler's workbench with a cut back top, sliding tool tray, sliding catch tray, and 3 side drawers.  It ships with the legs detached, so assembly takes only a few minutes. It is also sturdy, solid, and well packaged, making it able to withstand the rigors of shipping.

Dimensions: 37-1/4" Wide by 18-3/4" Deep by 36-3/8" Tall (floor to benchtop height) 38" Tall (floor to rail top height)

Benchtop Thickness: 3/4"

The Durston Jeweler's Workbench ships in one box and is easy to assemble, requiring only the bolting of the 2 leg assemblies onto its main body.

The Durston Professional Jeweller's Workbench is made mostly of Havea brasilensis, a tropical hardwood, with the exception of the drawer sides and bottoms, and the center tray bottoms, which are made of high density fiberboard for easy sliding.

The Durston Jeweler's Workbench features:
3/4" thick wood bench top
1-3/8" railing height
18-3/4" Deep x 37-1/4" Width top
36-3/8" Height (floor to bench top height)
38" Height (floor to top of bench railing height)
Pull knobs on Drawers and Catch Tray
3 Drawers on railings
Assembled weight: 93 lbs.

Drawer interior dimensions:
Top Drawer-1" tall by 7-3/4" wide by 14-1/2" deep
Middle & Lower Drawers-2" tall by 7-3/4" wide by 14-1/2" deep
Metal lined catch tray 19" w x 14-1/2" d x 2-1/2" H
Bench pin 6 inch including Tang 6 x 2-3/4"  (Tang ony 1-1/4 x 1/2)
Insert holes for mandrels
Left and right slide out arm rests
Slide out work tray 
Compared to the Grobet workbench (113.071), the Durston workbench is almost identical in dimensions and far easier to assemble. The Durston bench is made of is made mostly of Havea brasilensis, a tropical hardwood, while the Grobet bench is mostly made of less expensive pine wood. Here are some comparisons of dimensions:

Durston: Depth 18-3/4 x Width 37-1/4" x Height 38" with 3/4" Benchtop Thickness (Floor to Tabletop Height 36-3/8")
Grobet: Depth 19" x Width 39" x Height 39" with 1-1/4" Benchtop Thickness (Floor to Tabletop Height 37-1/2")

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great Bench!

Love the bench. My only issue is that they use 14" drawer slide rails so the drawers open about 60%, changed out the 14" rails with 16" rails from Home Depot for a total of $20, much better.

Good price, sturdy desk.

I just received and assembled this bench. I am very happy with it. It's small but sturdy. It was packed well, delivered quickly and super easy to put together. I'll have to use my old work table for soldering and pickle station, but my main goal was to have my bench pin at the right height with the sliding trays and drawers under it. For the price, it is a winner.

Solid bench with some flaws.

This is a good budget bench. Assembly is simple and quick. The rubberwood looks good and seems strong. Unfortunately mdf is used for part of the frame. It looks out of place and is not strong. As a result nothing heavy can go on the sweeps tray (which is a reasonable limitation). It’s not going to be okay for the weight of an engraving ball vise. On mine the screws turned freely in the mdf and no glue was evident. I added glue and proper screws. There’s no support behind the wood for the bench pin. It’s fine but not ideal. Easy enough to add some wood to add strength, otherwise it will flex a bit. Adding a grs dovetail requires a bit of work, it’s easiest to use the top-mounted mounting plate. I’m very happy with the bench otherwise.

Well worth it!

Great Bench! Went together very easy done in 20 min. Definitely recommend

Phoenix Waves
Big BANG for your BUCK!!

I just got this bench and am so impressed how nice it is. So well made. It came mostly together. It only took like 15 mins to put the rest together. I am so happy with it!