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Free Domestic Shipping on orders over $250 and less than 10lbs.

Silver Sheet Solder Eutectic Zinc-Free for Enameling

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Product Details

This is one piece of Zinc-Free Eutectic Silver Solder or IT solder weighing approximately 5 Pennyweights (5 DWT-or 1/4 troy ounce). This silver solder is used for Enameling. This solder contains 80% silver and 20% copper only.


Because this solder does not contain Zinc, it is an eutectic solder. Eutectic solders are used during enameling to avoid bubbling if there is a high chance that the solder will come in contact with the enamel. Eutectic solders contain silver and copper only.


Approximate flow point: 1560oF (848oC)

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

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C Eid
High temperature!

I like this eutectic solder for enameling, because of its high melting temperature, and it does not affect enamel the way that IT does.