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SmartPro Air Do X Stonesetter, Engraver & Micromotor

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Product Details

The SmartPro Air Do X system combines a micromotor and a pneumatic engraver with a built-in compressor, eliminating the hidden cost of having to purchase a separate air compressor to power your stone setting and engraving system. The SmartPro all-in-one system is ideal for stone setting, engraving, drilling and polishing. This compact unit saves space on your bench and is maintenance free for years of production use. 

The Air Do X has a digital LED display function for easy tool selection and is complete with overload protection and an automatic emergency stop for your safety. Advanced adjustment speed controls allows you to achieve high precision with ease. This stone setting, engraving and micromotor system is affordable, compact, reliable and ultra-durable, allowing you to unleash your inner creativity. 

No Separate Air Compressor Required!


Our initial feedback on this all in one unit has been favorable.  The components are manufactured in South Korea and are not sourced from China, so they are top quality.  While the power is suitable for engraving on precious metals like gold it is not as strong as the power delivered by a GRS G8 system, so we would not recommend this machine for gun engraving or as a production engraving machine.  It is made for the jeweler who needs an all around power tool for stone setting with some engraving abilities.  If you have used a GRS system in the past and are familiar with its capabilities, we would recommend you stick with one of the many GRS systems.  If you are buying your first power system, or buying systems for stonesetters you employ, the SmartPro Air Do X system is an excellent choice.

If you purchase a SmartPro from Otto Frei, like any of our products, you have 30 days to return it to us in its original packaging for a credit. Products must be in as new condition to receive a full credit.  Please see our FAQ's for more information on our return policy.


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  • Two in One - Engraver and Micromotor - Saves Bench Space
  • Built-In Precise Pneumatic System and Internal Pump (Compressor)
  • Engraving with powerful strokes from 240 up to 8,000 SPM
  • 35,000RPM Micromotor for drilling, polishing & general bench work
  • Micromotor Torque:
  • Easy-to-Read digital LED display for speed control and tool selection
  • Achieve High Precision with adjustable hand and foot switch control
  • Overload and safety protection
  • Dual Voltage 100-240VAC 4.2 A
  • 9-1/2" Length x 5-1/8" Width x 7-3/8" Height  (240mm x  130mm x 185mm)
  • Net Weight 11 lbs. (5 Kg) 
  • Shipping Weight 20 lbs. (9 Kg)
  • Made in South Korea



  • 1 Micromotor handpiece with stand
  • 1 Engraver handpiece with flexible air tube
  • Foot Control
  • 6 different 2.5mm carbine gravers
  • 3 Collets 2.5mm ID
  • 3 Collets 3.5mm ID 
  • 100-240V power supply 50-60 Hz
  • Power cord with North American 3-prong Plug (IEC C13)

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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