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Free Domestic Shipping on orders over $250 and less than 10lbs.

Spearhead High Speed Steel Bud Bur Kit of 15 Pieces

Part # 119.321
Original price $93.00 - Original price $93.00
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$93.00 - $93.00
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Product Details

Product Note: If you order this set it will not be complete.  Spearhead has not been able to supply all sizes of Bud Burs as we order them. Spearhead will not supply us ship dates on our open back orders. If you order this set, we will be able to supply a partial set only, at a reduced price, based on what burs are in stock today. For example, at this time, 12/15/2022, we have 12 of the 15 sizes in this set in stock.  Could be more, could be less, on the date of your order.

We will contact you with the number of burs we have in stock from this set and the sizes we cannot supply, as well as the updated (reduced) kit price, if you order this set.  We are not back ordering the sizes that we do not have as we don't know when they will come in and they come back to stock randomly. 

To see what is in stock, visit our page for purchasing individual bud burs, see below for link.

Otto Frei carries the Spearhead brand of High Speed Steel (HSS) Bud burs which are hand cut by expert craftsmen in the USA. You can always recognize the Spearhead brand of HSS burs by the size stamped on the 3/32" shanks. While more expensive than imported Tungsten Vanadium Carbon Steel Burs, these HSS burs will stay sharp and give a longer service life than the not as hard machine cut Tungsten Vanadium burs. HSS burs are preferred by quality jewelers everywhere.

This set contains the first 15 sizes of HSS Bud burs from No.2 (1.10mm) to No.18 (4.5mm). The bur sizes and numbers as listed below:
Part No. Metric Size Bur No.
119.462 1.10 mm 2
119.463 1.30 mm 3
119.464 1.50 mm 4
119.465 1.70 mm 5
119.466 1.90 mm 6
119.467 2.10 mm 7
119.468 2.30 mm 8
119.469 2.50 mm 9
119.470 2.70 mm 10
119.471 2.90 mm 11
119.472 3.10 mm 12
119.473 3.30 mm 13
119.474 3.50 mm 14
119.476 4.00 mm 16
119.478 4.50 mm 18

Numbers 1, 15 and 17 are not made in Bud shape.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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