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Stay Sharp Lubricant 1-2/3 Oz. Push Up Tube

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Product Details

Stay Sharp high tech lubricant continues to adhere to the cutting surface long after other conventional lubricants break down or melt away under the heat caused by cutting. This wax-like lubricant is right at home with all of your burring and saw lubrication needs. Size 1-2/3 oz. Use on Burs-Files-Gravers-Saw Blades-Disc Cutters-Draw Plates-Diamond wheels-Taps and Dies, anytime you cut metal with metal tools. Really does extend bur life. Makes a great Bur lube. Made in the USA.

Stay Sharp Otto Frei's aerospace bur and saw blade lubricant.
Extends bur life
Reduces friction

Leaves no residue when heated
Contains no animal products
Washes of easily

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

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Autumn AUMi Jewels
Great Product Must Buy!!!

I purchased one of these for me and my students to try out. We absolutely love this product. All 20 students found this better then any product on the market. This does not make your saw blades greasy or you drill bits. Pepe tools sales butter blade and it will interfere with your work, getting your projects clogged up and you have to stop. This also effects any metal that you use, having work extra hard to clean before soldering. This is taking away from your time. Yes, silversmiths use beeswax and candles but they don not keep your blades and burr bits conditioned like Otto Frei's Stay Sharp. The only thing you need to do is use your bench brush to wipe away any extra flake from using Stay Sharp.