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Super Silent Val-Air 50-15AL Air Compressor 1/2 HP-4 Gallon Tank

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Product Details

Super Silent Val-Air 50-15AL Air Compressor 1/2 HP 4 Gallon Tank


Same Features as Sil-Air 50-15 Plus:

  • Coalescing Filter
  • Autodrain and Waste Bottle
  • Aluminum Head with Cooling Fins


The 1/2 HP Super Silent air compressor Val-Air 50-15AL (M-17190) 1/2HP 4 gallon tank model is similar to our Sil-Air 50-15 model but it has several upgrades that will be appreciated for the heavy duty user.

First it has an aluminum head with cooling fins to help keep the 1/2HP motor from overheating during continuous heavy duty use.

Next, the Val-Air 50-15AL includes a auto drain feature with a waste bottle for collecting the water moisture that occurs naturally during the air compression process.

Finally, the Val-Air models differ from the Sil-Air models in that Val-Air's include the optional coalescing filter, a necessary item for protecting GRS engraving systems as the coalescing filters help remove moisture down to 0.01 micron from the compressed air feeding into your apparatus.

This silent air compressor makes a very quiet 40db "hum" while producing compressed air for it's tank. Recommended for powering our pencil bead blaster or the GRS Graversmith, Gravermax, Gravermate, Gravermax SC, Gravermax G-8, Gravermach, Gravermach AT or GRS System 3. The Val-Air 50-15AL features automatic operation and is thermally protected against overheating. The 4 gallon tank models have a special internal paint job to help resist internal tank rusting, a problem that can occur if the tank is not drained properly on a regular basis. This model is rated for super heavy duty use and is a good choice for the single operator or multiple user shop and power 2 engraving systems at a time. We will often use this model at trade shows to run 3 apparatus at one time. One year factory warranty. Val-Air 50-15AL M17190.



  • Power: 1/2HP
  • Tank Capacity: 4.0 Gallon
  • Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) Rating: 2.15 Free Air (60 Liters per minute)
  • Operation Pressure: 84-114 PSI (5.8-7.8 Bar)
  • Voltage: 110V-60Hz (Optional 220V-50 or 220V-60 by special order)
  • Dimensions: 13.8" D x 13.8" W x 21.7" H (350mm x 350mm x 550mm)



  • 4.0 Gallon Tank
  • Pressure Regulator with Built In Moisture Trap Auto drain and Waste Bottle*
  • Analog Line Pressure Gauge
  • Tank Pressure Gauge
  • In-line Coalescent Filter (0.01 Micron)*
  • Aluminum Pump Housing with Cooling Fins*
  • Internally Painted Tank for extra rust prevention
  • Safety Valve
  • Air Intake Filter
  • Carrying Handle
  • 1 Year Sil-Air Factory Warranty
  • Air Compressor Oil


*Additional features found on the Val-Air model compared to the Sil-Air model 


Tech Tip: Super Silent air compressors use specially formulated compressor oil that is hydroscopic, helping to draw moisture from the air as the air is being compressed. It must be changed fairly regularly, depending on how you use your air compressor and your workshop's humidity. If your oil has turned milky white, change the oil as soon as possible since you have waited too long! The moisture trap near your output regulator needs to be checked and emptied when full. Although the water in the trap may have a color similar to oil, it only contains a very small percentage of oil, being mostly water. And as for all storage tank style air compressors, you should release the compressed air from the tank after you are finished using it to keep it free of condensation that can rust through the tank if left unchecked. These simple steps will help keep your compressor running in tip top shape, protecting it's internal parts and the tank from water damage.


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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