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Teborg 5" Flush Cut Small Oval Head Side Cutters

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Product Details

Excellent quality box joint Flush Cut Small Oval Head Side Cutters that compare in shape and size to the Lindstrom 8141 Side Cutters. Precision made in Switzerland.

Swiss Made - Light-Weight, Small Oval Head, Flush Cut

Overall length: 5"

Cutting Capacity:
Soft Wire 0.1-1.2
Medium Wire 0.1-1.0

Flush Cut: Leaves a practically smooth cut on one side of the items they are cutting. Because they cut practically flush, these cutters are more likely to be damaged when their cutting limitations are exceeded.

Teborg brand pliers and cutters are Swiss made and imported by Grobet USA. Teborg is Grobet spelled backwards. Grobet part No. 46.9141.

Limited Lifetime Warranty:
Teborg Pliers & Cutters carry a limited lifetime warranty* against defects in material and workmanship. Wear and tear from normal use is not covered under warranty. Abuse and abnormal use is also exempt from warranty coverage. All warranty claims are subject to approval by Grobet USA and may result in tool repair or replacement with tool of equal value.

* PLEASE NOTE: Teborg side cutters have a limited warranty. Please contact Grobet USA directly for warranty issues. Cutting limits printed on the handles are for soft copper wire only. Metal alloys commonly used for jewelry are much harder. All types of Flush cutters are very delicate.

Dents in the cutting surface are a clear indication that the hardness of the metal being cut is in excess of the limits of the cutters.

Side cutters used in the jewelry industry should be considered consumable labor saving devices.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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