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Free Domestic Shipping on orders over $250 and less than 10lbs.

Technique Swiss Made 3/32" Quick Change Handpiece with USA Duplex Spring

Part # 134.699
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Product Details

This is a new rotary handpiece from Technique, makers of the best quality quick change handpiece on the market. This is a well made handpiece, with a slender, lightweight design.  This handpiece has a fixed 3/32" collet that is not meant to be changed.

The Technique handpiece has a 60 day warranty excluding the Duplex spring attachment, which has no warranty.

Before choosing the duplex spring model please read the following: Duplex springs are not made by Technique and are attached post factory. Duplex springs, and all parts related to the USA made duplex spring connections, have no warranty. 

Duplex springs should not be bent beyond 45 degrees during use! Duplex springs can be damaged easily if operated beyond the 45 degree angle or during detaching the handpiece from the end of the flex shaft. Duplex spring handpieces should not be operated above 5000 rpm. For that reason we recommend the use of a Foredom LX hi-torque, low speed flex shaft motor. Duplex springs can also fail during normal use.

If you choose a duplex spring model, you may want to purchase additional inner duplex springs (Single piece part number 134.279 Foredom HP76-Pack of 12 part number 134.280 Foredom HP76B) and learn how to change out and replace the inner duplex spring, the most common part that can fail.

Cannot be operated in reverse.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

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Adam Tufts
Duplex spring is Tinfoil

I love the Swiss Technique handpieces and I thought this would be a match made in heaven for me.

This is a total buyer beware situation! This sees part time use on my shop and just completely failed on June 2nd. I ordered the part on April 26th and have used it for a month. PLEASE READ THE DISCLAIMER!!! Otto Frei obviously is aware of the situation and continues to sell this product. I have other duplex spring handpieces I have used for YEARS without problem and to have it fail within 30 days is beyond disappointing and frustrating!

I really hope to have a productive conversation with Otto Frei customer service, but based on re-reading the item description I won't hold my breath. Save your money and look for another solution for your shop needs.