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Free Domestic Shipping on orders over $250 and less than 10lbs.

Wolf HSS Wax Bur Assortment In Wood Box

Part # 119.870
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Product Details

The new Wolf High Speed Steel (HSS) wax burs have coarser teeth than regular HSS burs you may have been using (or trying to use) for wax work. The coarse teeth give you excellent cutting action on carving waxes and because they are made of HSS, they will last for a lifetime of wax carving. 

Product Note June 2024: Due to ongoing supply issues with American Made HSS burs we do not have complete sets available.  If you order this set, you will have the option of receiving a "short set" that is missing some burs, at a reduced price, or canceling the order.  We are not back ordering the complete sets at this time as we have no ship dates for the missing burs.  Our apologies.  See our listing of individual Wolf HSS burs to see what burs are available at any given time.

The Wolf HSS wax bur assortment contains one each of all the Wolf HSS wax burs. The two largest sizes of cylinder burs have 1/8" thick shanks, so they won't bend under heavy pressure. All the other cylinder burs, and all the ball burs, have 3/32" shanks. Please note that these burs will also cut soft metals like gold, silver or copper, so feel free to use them as you wish. 

Set of 10 Wolf High Speed Steel Wax Burs Contains one each of the following :

  • 119.850 3.3mm Cylinder Wolf HSS Wax Bur
  • 119.851 4.7mm Cylinder Wolf HSS Wax Bur
  • 119.852 6.3mm Cylinder Wolf HSS Wax Bur
  • 119.853 8.0mm Cylinder Wolf HSS Wax Bur
  • 119.854 11.1mm Cylinder Wolf HSS Wax Bur
  • 119.860 1.7mm Ball Wolf HSS Wax Bur
  • 119.861 3.5mm Ball Wolf HSS Wax Bur
  • 119.862 5.0mm Ball Wolf HSS Wax Bur
  • 119.863 7.2mm Ball Wolf HSS Wax Bur
  • 119.864 8.9mm Ball Wolf HSS Wax Bur
  • 119.240 Wood Bur Box with 36 Holes

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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