Kerf Jeweler's Saw Blade Holder with Swiss Saw Blades Kit

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The Kerf Jewelers Saw Blade Holder loaded with 15 different sizes of genuine Otto Frei Swiss Made Jewelers Saw blades!

Please note we have run low on some of the larger sized blades and will be doubling up on the smaller sizes.

Save 30% compared to buying separately!

This Jeweler’s Saw Blade Container will hold all your jeweler’s saw blades. It has 16* compartments that are labeled with the size of the blades, from 8/0 all the way to #8. It also contains a helpful guide for thickness of the blade, approximate gauge size for the blade to cut, and the drill hole size for it.

It also has one compartment labeled as “Mixed Blades” for when you find that single blade and do not know what size it is.

The last compartment is to close the container and have all the blades safe and secure in it.

The opening on the side of the container is to allow the user to see if there are any jewelry saw blades inside the compartment.

For Jewelers Saw Blades only. Jewelers saw blades are 130 mm (5.125") in length.

Otto Frei Swiss made jewelers saw blades by the dozen are our most popular jewelers saw blade, and rightfully so since they combine the great features found in the Antilope brand with an amazing flexibility for a long, long life. Manufactured by Scies Miniatures SA of Vallorbe Switzerland, these sawblades are the number one selling jewelers sawblade in the world. No matter what brand name is on your package of sawblades, if the package says Swiss Made Round Back, you have found your blade here in our Otto Frei Swiss brand. Jewelers around the world prefer Otto Frei Swiss brand sawblades for their sharpness, flexibility and reliability, as a package of blades will give you consistent results, a true mark of a superior sawblade. Jewelers saw blades are 130 mm (5.125") long and are used in jeweler's saws and fretsaws. Jeweler's saw blades will not fit coping saws.

Kit includes 12 each of the following Swiss Jewelers Saw blades : 
149.400D  Otto Frei 8/0 
149.401D  Otto Frei 7/0
149.402D  Otto Frei 6/0
149.403D  Otto Frei 5/0 
149.404D  Otto Frei 4/0 
149.405D  Otto Frei 3/0 
149.406D  Otto Frei 2/0 
149.407D  Otto Frei 1/0 
149.408D  Otto Frei #1
149.410D  Otto Frei #2 
149.411D  Otto Frei #3 
149.412D  Otto Frei #4 
149.413D  Otto Frei #5 
149.414D  Otto Frei #6
149.415D  Otto Frei #8
149.915  KERF Jeweler's Saw Blade Organizer & Dispenser

*Please note: This assortment includes 15 different sizes jewelers saw blades. The number 7 slot is empty.  Otto Frei Swiss saw blades are not available in a size #7.

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