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Foredom K.WS3 Mobile Work Station with MALC15 Work Chamber & MADC20 Dust Collector

Part # 134.KWS3
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Original price $2,510.00
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Current price $2,141.10

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Product Details

This is the Foredom Mobile Work Station complete with the Lighted Work Chamber and the Foredom Dust Collector. Foredom made the work station specifically to work with this equipment.

Kit includes:

Foredom's MAWS10 Mobile Work Station is a unique and versatile solution for small and crowded labs, studios and other work spaces. It is also a great way to get you out of your chair and up on your feet for more active and healthier working environment. Its tower structure, with built in electrical outlets, allows users to stack multiple powered devices that would overwhelm most work surfaces. The Foredom Mobile Work Station has a motorized lift that adjusts the top platform up and down to work sitting or standing. It is a dual voltage unit, so you can use it all over the world by just switching out the power cord or by using a simple plug adapter for your local outlet*

It comes with heavy duty casters that you can lock in place so you can easily move it around the shop or adjust it for shared use.

The Foredom Mobile Work Station brings together combinations of Foredom and other power equipment in a footprint of only 16' by 22". The only requirement is to be near an electrical outlet for powering up the unit and its 3-plug power strip. The unit comes assembled except for the middle shelf. The front pivoting kick-stand enhances stability for safely managing the equipment you choose to use with the stand.

Its 3-tier design gives you multiple options for arranging your equipment. Top and Bottom Platforms, Middle Shelf and Extension Trays have a 1/4" lip so items won't slide off.

Top Work Platform is 14-3/8" square. It features extension trays that swing out to hold work-pieces and other small objects. Each tray is 8" x 4-1/4".

Middle Shelf is 12-1/4" x 12-5/8". It comes with a removable yoke for mounting a flexible shaft motor. With the yoke removed, the shelf is great for holding micro-motors and other tools.

Lower Platform has a 15-5/8" by 9-3/4" tray for tools and storage. When removed, it reveals hole designed for securely mounting Foredoms MADC20 Dust Collector with its casters off.

Specifications for MAWS10:
  • Height from Floor to Top Work Platforms: 43-3/4" at highest setting, 30-1/2" at lowest setting
  • Footprint: 16" x 22"
  • Weight: 44 lbs
  • Power Outlets: 3 North American 3-prong outlets, max 9.6 Amps
  • Universal Voltage: 110/220 Volt, 50/60 Hz. Comes with US plug. Use adapters for your local outlet or replace cord with cord with your local outlet that you source locally.
  • Shipping Weight: 53 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 34-1/2 x 22-1/4" x 20"
  • 2-Year Limited Foredom Factory Warranty

Foredom's MALC15 Lighted Work Chamber is a great addition for jewelers, carvers and fabricators. It offers protection from dust and debris and excellent visibility when grinding, sanding, polishing and drilling small items that can fit in your hand.

Keeps Dust and Debris Contained When Grinding, Sanding, Polishing and Drilling

Connect to Foredoms new Dust Collector or any other Dust Collector System

The Chamber is used on a tabletop, stand up desk or a work station and then is connected to a separate air compressor and a separate dust collector.

The compressed air nozzle, after connecting to a compressed air source, powerfully directs dust and debris towards the back of the unit away from the operator. There is a 2-1/2" diameter hose vacuum port on the rear of the unit for connecting to a dust collector or shop vac.

The adjustable Poly-carbonate shields give you added protection from debris. There is even a 5" diameter 2-1/2X power magnifier with a 10X insert for close up work. The magnifier flips up out of the way when not needed. The chamber is comfortable to use as it has dual padded wrist rests. The unit measures 11-1/2" high by 11" wide by 10" deep. The work area measures 8" high by 10-1/4" wide by 6-1/2" deep. Net weight is 11 lbs with a shipping weight of 14-1/4 lbs.

The Chamber has LED illumination which is universal voltage so it will work with both 115V or 230V outlets.

Specifications for MALC15:

Outer Dimensions:
  • Height: 11-1/2"
  • Width: 11"
  • Depth: 10"
Inner Dimensions:
  • Height: 8"
  • Width: 10-1/4"
  • Depth: 6-1/2"
  • Weight: 11 lb
  • Shipping Weight: 14.25 lb

Foredom's MADC20 Dust Collector 110V is perfect for any lab, studio and work space that creates harmful dust and debris. Simple to use and ideal for anyone concerned about working in a clean and safe environment.

Foredom’s new variable speed MADC20 Dust Collector is whisper quiet at 52dbA with powerful suction at 115CFM. The cyclone with poly-carbonate collection chamber pre-filters 99% of all debris and the HEPA filter eliminates 99.98% of debris up to 0.3 micron. This quality-built single-station unit has casters for easy portability, is simple to use, and basically maintenance free. It is an excellent companion to Foredom's MALC15 Lighted Work Chamber, but it is a stand alone unit for collecting dust from grinding, polishing, debarring and sanding wood, metal, die stone, plaster and many other materials,

Use when working with dry materials ONLY.

Two-Year Warranty

MADC20 Includes:
  • Cyclone dust collector with collection chamber
  • Remote Switch with 9′ Cable
  • Remote Connector for MALC15
  • Power Cord
  • 5′ Vacuum Hose
  • 2 HEPA Filters. Filter has a 16 Merv Rating, 99.8% of all particles 0.3 micron and larger

Specifications for MADC20:
  • Weight: 30-1/2 lb
  • Ship Weight: 40 lb
  • Height: 19-1/2″ , Width: 15-1/4″, Length: 15-1/4″
  • Cyclone Height: 16-1/2″, Width: 7-1/2″

Shipping Dimensions:
  • 20-1/4″ x 20-3/4″ x 23-1/4″
  • Hose 2-1/4″ Diameter, 5′ Length
  • 115 Volt / 6.5 Amp
  • 750 Watt / 115 CFM / 52 dbA

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