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Durston Olivia C130 Combo Rolling Mill With 50-1 Reduction Gear

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Product Details

Durston's revolutionary Olivia Rolling Mill allows everyone to have access to the use of a hand rolling mill. Now people who could not use a traditional hand rolling mill because of limited access and strength can use a 50 to 1 reduction gear and large flywheel to roll metal while seated.

"Disability drives innovation. It's undeniable." Says Joshua Miele, a blind adaptive technology designer, as he was recently quoted in the New York Times.

"Almost always you will find something that is really cool for people with disabilities, it will find its way into the mainstream in a way that is wonderful and makes life better."

The new Olivia mills can be used by anyone who finds a traditional mill difficult to use for any number of reasons. The super easy 50 to 1 reduction means easy rolling when doing reduction work. The front facing wheel makes access easy; you can mount the Olivia next to your bench and stay seated while using it. The Durston Olivia is really a "cool" new machine.

Available in either a combination flat-wire mill or full flat. This is the combination Olivia, Durston 1035, with a traditional flat/wire make up of 75mm flat and 55mm of square wire sizes from 8mm to 1mm.

The side rolls allow the easy rolling of half round shanks. Like all Durston mills the Durston Olivia mill has self-lubricating maintenance free bearings and hardened helical drive gears with special form for maximum drive. A calibrated dial on both top wheels with pointer makes for precise and easy to read gap measurement.

When shopping for a quality rolling mill remember this-Durston rolling mills hold their value better than any tool you are ever likely to buy. Made in Great Britain.
Box Size: 22" L x 17"W x 22" H

Aspect Specification
Roll Size 130mm x 60mm
Sheet Thickness Capacity 6mm
Roller Type Combination
Roller Length 130 mm
Roller Diameter 60 mm
Wire Grooves 11 square  sizes ranging from 8 mm to 1mm
Gear Ratio 50-to-1 gearbox Patent Pending
Side Extensions Four half-rounds: 4, 3, 2 and 1.5 mm
Maximum Wire Capacity 8mm
Dimensions 19-3/8" L x 8-3/4" W x 21-1/4" H (490mm x 220mm x 540mm)
Net Weight 154 Lbs. (70kg)

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