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GRS 004-806 Traditional Quick Change "QC" Graver Holders-Sold by the Piece

Part # 104.806
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Product Details

GRS 004-806 Quick Change (QC) tool holders with 3.5 mm holes.  These are the original one inch long (25.4 mm) length QC holders that uses the traditional two hex nut set screws to hold gravers and tools. Sold by the Piece.

Use the QC holders with the GRS pre-cut QC gravers or any other brand of pre-cut QC gravers or any other tools or bits that you shape to fit.  Tools or gravers are held in place by the 2 hex nuts, making these the "traditional" style of GRS QC tool holders that use 2 hex nuts to secure tools (other types use only 1 hex nut).   

These QC tool holders are meant to be used with the quick change handle 104.805 or any of the GRS quick change handpieces like the QC Magnum, the QC Monarch or the QC 901.  

The shaft of all GRS QC tool holders is 0.250" (6.32 mm).

GRS makes other QC holders besides these traditional 1" long standard length:

104.858 Traditional 2 hex screw 1-1/2" extra long length 3.5 mm hole (gives you added distance for using shorter length tools).

104.855 One hex screw 3/32" (2.35 mm) hole 1" long standard length

104.875 One hex screw 1/8" (3.18 mm) hole 1" long standard length

104.872 One hex screw 1.8 mm hole 1" long standard length

104.870 Traditional 2 hex screw 1" long standard length 3.5 mm hole "soft hit" (with nylon ends for softening the strike from power tool applications).

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