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JURA Plastic Bur Box Storage Container

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Add more burs or drills of any type and brand to count towards next quantity break

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Product Details

Use this clear plastic bur organizer to keep all your 6-pack burs organized and at hand. Fits all major brands of jewelers 6-pack burs including Busch, Fox, OttoFrei Swiss, Mallifier, Brasslier, Dentsply, Messinger, Panther and Grobet burs. This plastic bur box storage container is made up of one 6-1/2" x 3-1/4" x 2" master container that fits 6 smaller 72-pc slotted bur holding boxes. Each 6-packs fits snugly into a slotted groove of the 72-pc. bur holding box so they stay upright and don't move about.

Customer Reviews

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Maybe. A little pricey (It's German, of course)

Good idea, but has a slight design problem in that it seems to be precisely dimensioned for Busch or other German made burrs. Those boxes slide into the slots nicely. A little friction, but they fit. Swiss burrs, on the other hand, perhaps because some of them have a label that extends around the sides, fit a bit too tightly. Can't get the bur boxes all the way in, especially at the ends of these things. And in another oddity, I'd ordered a bunch of the Fox brand burs. Otto Frei sent them packaged in what looked like these smaller boxes in this item, but they were only similar. Not quite the same. A little frustrating/confusing, though not really an issue. But I wish these things were a hair looser in fit, so bur boxes slid easily in and out no matter which manufacturer.