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Fretz Large Hammer HMR-101-Planishing

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Product Details

This is the Fretz large planishing hammer HMR-101, This is the classic size and weight of a traditional planishing hammer and is versatile for small to very large planishing tasks. It has a handle length of 250mm (9-7/8") and a hammer head length of 75mm (3") The hardened stainless steel heads are polished to perfection, and the rosewood handles have a special finish that feels downright sensual. No kidding, the rosewood handles and finished so well that they just plain feel good in your hand. The balance is perfect, and the polished stainless steel surface is exceptional.

Planishing is smoothing metal against a stake by making the blows overlap. This is a stretching technique, which also forms the metal to the underlying stake. The Planishing Hammer is for smoothing metal. The round side is used if the metal has previous raising hammer marks and these need to be smoothed out. The flat side will refine the hammer marks from the rounded side of the Planishing Hammer to a nearly smooth finish. This hammer is also used to size rings, form bezels and general forming of metal against mandrels and stakes. This is the most used hammer and by far the most popular style to have.

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Aspect Specification
Brand Fretz
Face Shape Flat
Face Sizes 25mm
Handle Length 250mm (9-7/8")
Head Length 75mm (3")
Head Type Planishing
Head Weight 7.6 oz. (215g)
Country of Origin Vietnam

Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Kortvely
This is a fabulous hammer!

This is a fabulous hammer! Best hammer I've ever used!