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Fretz Large Hammer HMR-105-Small Embossing

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Product Details

This is the Fretz Large Hammer HMR-105-Small Embossing, the largest of the Fretz hammers, similar to the full size silversmiths hammers from Peddinghaus. With a handle length of 250mm (9-7/8") and a hammer head length of 101mm (4") The hardened stainless steel heads are polished to perfection, and the rosewood handles have a special finish that feels downright sensual. No kidding, the rosewood handles and finished so well that they just plain feel good in you hand. The balance is perfect, and the polished stainless steel surface is exceptional.

Here is what Bill Fretz has to say about Embossing:

Embossing is the stretching of metal by hammering from the inside. Bocking is a form of embossing when the metal is hammered into a cavity. Freeform embossing is done with a sandbag. The small embossing hammer is used to form small raised areas by hammering from the inside in preparation for chasing or general shaping. This hammer leaves a very fine dimpled texture that can be greatly varied by the strength of the blow. The size of the hammer will be dictated by the size of the work. Small light projects will use the mini small embossing hammer No. 5 and the larger work will demand the large small embossing hammer No. 105. The concepts of what they do are the same.

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Aspect Specification
Brand Fretz
Face Shape Round
Face Sizes 11.5mm & 8mm
Handle Length 250mm (9-7/8")
Head Length 101mm (4")
Head Type Embossing
Head Weight 6 oz. (170g)
Country of Origin Vietnam

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