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Kerr-Ventura Graphite Crucibles For 100 Troy Oz. Models

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Kerr Graphite Crucibles 29479-35621 For 100 Troy Ounce (3 Kilo) Models

Long Lasting Top Quality Virgin Graphite-Made Exclusively for Otto Frei-Last Longer-More Economical

Graphite crucibles provide maximum resistance to oxidation while metal is being melted. To avoid contamination use a separate crucible for each metal.

This graphite crucible is made from virgin graphite, not compressed graphite, as so many other graphite crucibles on the market are. Our graphite crucibles are heavier then others with a bright shiny smooth surface when new. Same pattern as Kerr part number 29479 and Kerr part number 35621. Used in the Kerr 100 troy ounce (3 Kilo) gold capacity Electro Melts for the following Kerr Maxi Electro Melt model numbers:

Kerr Series 1259 (current production)

  • Kerr 31810 120V
  • Kerr 31811 230V

Kerr Series 365 (former production)

  • Kerr 22360 115V
  • Kerr 22374 230V

The outside measurements of a brand new Kerr 100 troy ounce (3 Kilo) capacity (gold) graphite crucible is 5" tall by 4" wide (measured at widest point). The crucible measures 3-3/8" wide below the lip. The crucible is 4" tall measured from bottom to top of "lip". The inside dimensions are 2-15/32" across by 4-1/2" deep. These dimensions will change as the crucible is used as the graphite will wear as it is exposed to heat and air.

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