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Lindstrom 8131 Extra Small Oval Head Flush Cut 80 Series Side Cutters

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Product Details

Lindstrom 8131 Extra Small Flush Cut Oval Head Otto Frei 146.8131: Jaw length 8.0mm, Total length 108mm, Cutting capacity range 0.10mm to 1.25mm. Near flat cut on one end of wire*

This cutter has a good combination of strength and flushness. This is the most popular Lindstrom Side Cutter made.

Lindstrom 80-Series Cutters offers unsurpassed cutting capacity covering a wide range of applications.
  • Adjustable precision screw joint minimizes friction and maximizes alignment of cutting edges.
  • Forged from high grade steel which provides incredible impact resistance and resiliency. Precision induction hardened allowing a Rockwell hardness of 63-65 which ranks among the highest of any cutters made.
  • Available in traditional oval jaw design, tapered, or tapered and relieved jaw with three cutting edge options: Micro-Bevel, Flush and Ultra-Flush.
  • Double leaf springs with textured surface non-slip handles.

Micro Bevel Side Cutters have a very slight bevel edge for increased strength while cutting. They will leave a slight peak on one side of the wire being cut. They allow for a very wide cutting range and a variety of uses. Superior durability as compared to Flush cutters.

Flush leaves a practically smooth cut on one side of the items they are cutting. Because they cut practically flush, these cutters are more likely to be damaged when their cutting limitations are exceeded.

Ultra Flush leaves a flat surface on one side of the item they are cutting. They have a more limited cutting range and greater possibility for edge damage due to misuse. These are the most delicate of all the side cutter edges.

* PLEASE NOTE: Lindstrom cutters are NOT guaranteed. Cutting limits printed on the handles are for soft copper wire only. Metal alloys commonly used for jewelry are much harder. All types of Flush cutters are very delicate.

If damage occurs to the tips we recommend that you grind the undamaged side down to match the damaged side and continue to use the cutters. Dents in the cutting surface are a clear indication that the hardness of the metal being cut is in excess of the limits of the cutters. Lindstrom, and other brands of cutters, as they are commonly used in the jewelry industry should be considered consumable labor saving devices.

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