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Nakanishi NSK Emax Evolution ENK-410S Brushless Standard Motor EMX8086

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Product Details

The Nakanishi NSK Emax Evolution Hi Torque motor SKU ENK-250T (Catalog # EMX8087) is for the NSK Emax Evolution and does not plug into or work with the earlier generation Nakanishi NSK Electer E-max Series control box. This motor produces a higher maximum speed (40,000 rpm vs 25,000 rpm), but has less torque (4.3 cN*m vs 4.8cN*m) then the optional hi torque motor SKU ENK-250T (Catalog # EMX8087-Otto Frei Part No. 134.588).

This NSK Emax Evolution Hi motor is an excellent combination of high speed and torque in a slim and lightweight profile. It is perfect for precision work like stone setting. This is the standard motor that comes with most of our Emax Evolution kits.

  • High performance samarium cobalt magnet
  • High accuracy, lightweight, compact, high reliability and superior durability
  • Major reduction of RF noise
  • Provides extremely quiet operation from low to high speed and step less speed adjustment
  • Speed-1,000 to 40,000 rpm
  • Weight-3.84 ounce (without cord)
  • Max Torque-4.3cN*M
  • Made in Japan

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