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Nechamkin Made in the USA Organic Pine Rosin Based Green Chaser's Pitch - 2.2 Kilo (5 lb Tub)

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Product Details

Liza Nechamkin is now producing her own pitch. Mixed in small batches in Liza's studio, this is the same formula developed by Metal Sculptor Debra Montgomery for many years.  Liza has obtained the rights to this formula from Ms. Montgomery, and is now in full production.

Made in the USA

Nechamkin's Made in the USA Organic Pine Rosin Based Green Chaser's Pitch is an organic pine rosin based pitch.  Blacksmiths, Sculptors, Armorers and jewelers alike have found this type of pitch suitable for years.  It is excellent for medium to high relief work and can be worked slightly warm using a heat gun.  In cold temperature this pitch will release metal.  For deeper repousse keep the pitch a little warmer, for crisper work like planishing, keep the pitch a little cooler.  


Nechamkin Made in the USA Organic Pine Rosin Based Green Chaser's Pitch is sold in 5 Lb increments.  Be sure to order enough to fill your bowl plus a little extra to replenish the bowl and fill in the embossed work.  The Otto Frei 8" x 4" pitch bowl 125.404 takes roughly 5 to 7 lbs of pitch to fill depending on if you  prefer it mounded up or flush.

This is a natural product and can have subtle differences from batch to batch.

To use, place the pitch in a suitable pitch bowl and heat in an 250 to 300 degree F oven.

There are many postings on the web and Youtube on how to use pitch.  Below are just a couple we have found:

Here is a great posting on using pitch and pitch bowls from Brian Meek.

And another posting from Charles Lewton-Brain on pitch in general

Books on the subject include Moving Metal by Adoph Steines and Chasing and Repousse' by Nancy Megan Cogwin.

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