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OTEC White Plastic Cone 10mm-Fine For Wet Finishing

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Product Details

These plastic grinding chips are made by OTEC for the jewelry industry for grinding and polishing non-ferrous metals using OTEC's specialized high speed wet finishing equipment.  Similar results can be achieve with this compound using other wet finishing machines like slower processing vibratory tumblers although this material is optimized for the OTEC machines.

OTEC's White media is for fine grinding leaving a surface that is ready for final polishing.  It is specially made for the jewelry industry.

This is the white cone shape 10mm media, sold by the pound.

Plastic Grinding Media
For Wet Finishing
White-For Fine Grinding to Polishing
Cone Shape-10mm
Fine Roughness

These plastic abrasives are suited for fine, smooth surfaces.  Available in Pyramid or Cone shape.

The Pyramid shape is especially suited for the processing of corners and edges. Cone shapes achieves very fine surfaces and is used for stone set jewelry.

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