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Otto Frei Advance Stone Setting Kit

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Product Details

Working with professional jewelers we put together a tool kits that would make it easy for anyone interested in the jewelry arts to get the right tools needed to start working on specific skills. This kit, called the Otto Frei Advanced Stone Setting Kit, has the tools required to set stones like a professional. This is not a simple kit for beginners, although a serious student or beginner will find these tools indispensable. This kit assumes that you already own a standard flex shaft and some basic jewelry tools like pliers and files.

The Advance Stone Setting Kit contains two of the finest Swiss made handpieces for flex shaft use in the industry- The Badeco Hammer Handpiece and the Technique Quick Change Handpiece. The Badeco hammer handpiece *must only be used with the LX motor in this kit. The LX motor is designed to run at low speed (maximum speed is 5000 RPM) and is high torque. Both handpieces will run on the LX motor and can be switched back and forth as needed. To speed up work you will want to put the Technique quick change rotary handpiece on it's own motor. A Foredom SR or CC motor that runs at 18,000 is perfect. Use double hanger 134.616 to hang two motors and designate the proper motor for each handpiece. This kit also contains an awesome learning resource for diamond setting by expert teacher to the industry Robert R. Wooding. You get both his Diamond setting Manual and introductory video. You will also get an array of hand tools and enough 3/32" setting burs, drill bits and miscellaneous burs. Start setting stones immediately!
*A regular Foredom SR or CC motor (18,000 max RPMs) can damage the Duplex spring if speeds exceeds 5,000 rpm. For that reason, we recommends that you have a special Foredom LX motor for use with this kit.
This kit contains the following items:

134.751: Badeco Swiss Hammer Handpiece-222 Heavy Spring Strength with USA Duplex Spring
134.160: Foredom M.LX-TXR Flex Shaft Kit Motor and Foot Control
134.700: Technique Swiss Made Quick Change Handpiece for 3/32" Diameter Tools
118.004ADV: Swiss Advance Stone Setting Bur Kit 30 Pieces
153.149: Bezel Setting Tools Set of 16-Value Line In Wood Box
162.445: The Diamond Setting Manual By Robert R. Wooding
163.003DVD: Diamond Setting-An Introductory Procedure-DVD-By Robert R. Wooding
111.852: Italian Silipum Pumice Wheels 7/8" Square Edge
111.858: Italian Silipum Pumice 5/8" Knife Edge
112.226: Wax Dop Stick With Handle For Stones
118.075: Burnisher-Tungsten Carbide
119.962: High Speed Steel (HSS) Flame Burs 1.1mm
119.966: High Speed Steel (HSS) Flame Burs 1.9mm
121.095: Stay Sharp Lubricant 1-2/3 Oz. Push Up Tube
133.111: Glardon-Vallorbe Buff Files Barrette LAC2411-140-G10
135.187: 4 Inch (100mm) Electronic Digital Caliper
143.128: Screw Mandrel 3/32" Dia. Shank-1/16" Screw-Reinforced Head-Nickel Plated
146.348: Otto Frei Mirror Polished Stone Setting Pliers-German Made
153.146: Prong Pusher With Wood Handle

California Prop 65 Warning:
This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and Nickel, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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