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Quatro AA433P-A33-25 AVS Capture Arm With Plexi Nozzle

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Product Details

Quatro AA433R-A33-25 AVS Enabled 8" Plexi Nozzle Capture Arm With Support Stand-Connects to 3" Hose

Controls airflow and remotely starts and stops dust collector at each workstation. Diverts air from idle stations to maximize active ones.

This is an flexible 8" plexi nozzle capture arm with connected to a Automatic Start/Stop Valve (AVS) with support stand that acts like a power switch to turn many Quatro systems* on and off. Image sitting down at your bench and turning your SolderPure or CollectAll on by simply sliding open the gate on the AVS. AVS accessories are meant to be used when you have 2 or more connections (workstations) as they work in series. This allows you to maximize the suction power to the workstation you are using. With one gate open and the other close, the switch keeps the power on.  Close both gates and your suction unit turns off. 

This particular AVS has a front collar diameter of 3" and a rear collar diameter of 3".  AVS units can be special ordered with multiple combinations of front and rear collars, for example, 3" diameter front and rear (like this one) , or 3" rear, 1-1/2" front and so on using and combination of 1-1/2", 2" and 3" diameters. Capture Arm AVS systems always use 3" front collars. Please contact us to special order a Capture Arm system with either a 1-1/2" or 2" rear collar.

AVS accessories are hard wired together.  Each AVS has a 20 foot cord that terminates with two loose wires, one red, one black.  When connecting 2 or more AVS accessories, all the red wires connect to each other and all the black wires connect to each other.  These separate wire bundles of red and black are then connected to a Quatro ASV Connector Cable AE750 (not supplied-must be purchased separately).  The AE750 Connector Cable has a 9 pin end that plugs into the 9 pin port on certain Quatro dust collectors the have the 9 pin port on the Control Panel (*Quatro SP SolderPure, CA CollectAll, PGR SuperFlow, JTB JetStream Brushless & PS6)  The AVS system is not for use with GoldVaults and JetStreams that are not JTB Brushless.  

You have to manually open and close the gates to activate the switches so AVS integrated accessories need to be located near the operator to be convenient.  

  • Allow more suction to the active workstations by diverting air from the idle ones.
  • Start/Stop your Quatro unit when you open/close the valve.
  • Close valve when not using workstation, open valve when using dust collector.
  • Works together with as many ASV's as you desire.
  • Arm extends to 24 inches long, supports own weight.
  • Connects to 3 inch diameter hose.
  • Automatically starts/stops the following units: PS6, PGR SuperFlow, CollectALL (CA), JetStream Brushless (JTB), SolderPure (SPB).
  • Included: 8 inch diameter plexi nozzle, table stand support bracket, 20 ft long cable.
  • Optional AE750 Cable with 9 pin plug required.

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