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Sterling Silver & Yellow Gold Filled Round Cable Dapped and Flat Chain 1.4mm - 5 Ft. (60 Inch) Pack

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Metal Types: Yellow Gold Filled

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Product Details

This lightweight sterling silver and yellow gold filled round cable dapped and flat chain has alternating rondel shape beads between the chain links.  Can be worn alone, doubled or with a charm.

Pack: Sold in 60" (5 Foot) lengths 1524 mm (1.524 meters)
Type: Round cable dapped and flat, roundel shape beads alternate between chain links
Finish: Shiny
Metal Types: Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold Filled
Link Width: 1.07 mm
Link Length: 2.0 mm
Link ID: .40 mm
Link Gauge/Thickness 31 Ga./0.23 mm
Length of chain between Beads: 14 mm
Bead Height: .93mm
Bead Width: 1.82 mm

Measurements were taken by hand with a digital mm gauge and should be considered approximates with a margin of error of plus or minus 10%.

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