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Vallorbe AGILA ALS301-3 Orange Plastic File Handle-for 10" Flat, Half-RD & 3-SQ Saver ECO LS Files

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Product Details

The Vallorbe AGILA file handles are color coded to match either the Classic line (Black & Gray) or the Saver line (Black & Orange) of Vallorbe Machinist-Engineers files.

This is a Vallorbe AGILA ALS301-3 Orange Saver ECO file handle. This file handle measures 125 mm in length and has a slot that fits the tang of the following 10" Vallorbe LS Saver ECO Files:

Otto Frei #    Vallorbe # Description
132.101-10-1 LS5010-10-1 Flat Hand 10" Bastard Cut 1
132.101-10-2 LS5010-10-2 Flat Hand 10" Second Cut 2
132.119-10-1 LS5550-10-1 Half-Round 10" Bastard Cut 1
132.119-10-2 LS5500-10-2 Half-Round 10" Second Cut 2
132.128-10-1  LS5560-10-1   Three Square 10" Bastard Cut 1  
132.128-10-2  LS5560-10-2   Three Square 10" Second Cut 2

The tang of the file is pressed into the conforming plastic slot in the AGILA file handles to make for a secure friction fit. The AGILA handle has a rubberized surface for a non-slip grip. 

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