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Yellow Gold Filled Round Click & Lock Jump Ring Assortment-Medium Weight-120 Pieces

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Product Details

Click & Lock jump rings look just like regular jump rings and can be soldered closed just like regular jump rings.  They are no more expensive than regular jump rings you make or buy. Click & Lock jump rings have a hidden mechanism that will give you a secure but not unbreakable closure between the 2 ends of the jump rings. To secure a Click & Lock jump ring, you need to use two pairs of nylon jaw pliers, one for each end of the jump ring, so you do not mar the ring. Grabbing one end in each pliers, you separate the ends, then twist and move the ends of the ring past each other. Finally, bring the ends together while pressing the ends together. You will hear a "click".  That means the ends have secured.  

Watch the video and with a little practice, you can make secure jump rings without the use of soldering. The joined jump ring can still be separated, but that requires some effort, so for most applications the joined ring is permanent. 

Use the Click & Lock feature or not, these jump rings solder closed just like regular jump rings and cost just the same.

These Yellow Gold Filled (YGF) jump rings are made of 1/20 14K Yellow Gold Filled material.

These assortments of heavy gauge jump rings contain 12 each of ten different jump rings. Also available in Sterling Silver, see part number 10P-2-SS.  These are open jump rings. The thickness (gauge) of the wire varies, but it is always heavy compared to other jump rings in our line. 
This assortment of yellow gold filled (YGF) medium weight round jump rings contains 12 each of ten different jump rings. These are open jump rings.  The thickness (gauge) of the wire varies from 24 gauge (0.5 mm) to 18 gauge (1.0 mm).

This assortment includes:

12 of each below:
Part Number - Wire Diameter - Gauge - Outside Diameter 
502-301 - 0.50mm 24 - 2.5mm
502-305 - 0.50mm 24 - 2.8mm 
502-310 - 0.64mm 22 - 3.0mm 
502-315 - 0.64mm - 22 - 3.5mm 
502-320 - 0.76mm - 20.5 - 4.3mm 
502-325 - 0.89mm 19.5 - 4.8mm 
502-330 - 1.00mm 18 - 5.8mm 
502-335 - 1.00mm 18 - 6.0mm 
502-340 - 1.00mm 18 - 7.3mm 
502-345 - 1.00mm 18 - 8.0mm

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