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Due to our Memorial Day Holiday, orders placed after 4 PM Pacific on Thursday, May 23, will be processed for shipping beginning on Tuesday, May 28.

Alfano Art Monogram System for Hand Engraving CD ROM

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Product Details

"Hey Sam,
Just got a chance tonight to open the monogram system and check it out before bed... and now I'm going to bed a bit late. The letters really do look totally pro! It's a great system. I think it's going to look great on dog tags, charms, and.... anything!"
- Wayne Plumadore

Profitable Monogram Engraving-The AlfanoArt Monogram System is designed for the rapid creation of beautiful script monograms for transfer by a computer. If you're a beginner who hasn't developed lettering design skills, then this system is for you. If you're a professional and want to benefit from profitable monogram engraving, then this system is also for you. My YouTube videos will get you up to speed quickly and show you how to scale, copy, paste, and reverse letters for transfer. You'll also learn advanced techniques for creating drop shadows and modifying the vector letters to suit your needs.

Vector Letter Set-Designed by a hand engraver for hand engravers, this CD contains a unique original ornamental uppercase vertical script letter set, plus Letter Variations designed to cover come troublesome letter combinations. Not a font, but a versatile vector letter set that can be modified and scaled to any size without loss of detail, resulting in the sharpest possible transfer.

Requirements: PC or Mac and vector editing software such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Freehand, Xara, Inkscape, etc. 

Copy, paste, scale and engrave!-The AlfanoArt Monogram System contains uppercase vertical script letters both normal and reversed versions. Simply copy the letters of your choice to a new file and easily scale and arrange to your liking. Letter Variations help to combine letters and maintain consistent spacing. When you're ready, reverse the letters and print. Or use Reversed Letters set which have already been reversed for you.

Its Not a Font-There are some decent script fonts out there, but the majorities have two major drawbacks. 1.) They LOOK like computer fonts, and 2.) They simply don't make nice looking monograms without extensive editing. In the AlfanoArt Monogram System, the designing and editing has been done for you, resulting in an engraving that doesn't look like the same font on a million computers around the world. This system is suitable for creative design, cutting, and texturing treatments, so experiment and have fun!

*Can pay for itself after first use

*Layout, transfer, and engrave monograms in record time

*Make your customers happy with professional results

*Contains 18 files for maximum software compatibility

*Advanced users have even more flexibility

*Suitable for brightcut, stippling, flare cut, ribbon cutting & more

*Video tutorials on YouTube 
"The script lettering vectors are really great. All you have to do is figure out the sizing you need. Scale the letters accordingly. Print off a page of them. Transfer. And start cutting.
Really easy, professional system. In the world of wholesale jewelry manufacturing and engraving speed is the key to being profitable. With the AlfanoArt Monogram System, the time consuming process of layout and drawing monograms is reduced to minutes. I would highly recommend the vector set to anyone, from beginner engravers to seasoned professionals."
Bert Edmonston IV, G.G.
CAD/CAM, repairs, hand engraving
"Here's some stuff I've been playing with………..Cutting different little pieces from letters to fit where I need them…..This program is "AWESOME"…..way beyond anything I expected……..Anyone can make Good monograms with this……….& with a little practice ….Great monograms……….
CJ Allan, engraver, teacher

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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