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Busch Fig. 411CCC Clean Cut Concave Cup Kit of 20 Burs 1.00mm-2.30mm

Part # 118.029
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Product Details

Busch Burs-the most famous name in jewelers burs. Busch brand Fig. 411CCC Clean Cut Concave Cup burs are available in a wide range of sizes, from 1.00 mm up to 2.30 mm. These tungsten vanadium steel burs are made to ultra-high precision tolerances. CCC stands for Clean Cut Concave. Clean Cut means that the cutting edges are open so that metal shavings can be easily expelled from the inside of the bur without marring the surface being cut. Concave refers to the traditional cup cur shape that leaves a rounded top of the prong. There is also Concave Cone shape available in Busch 411C and Busch 411CT burs.

This kit comes in a plastic container and 2 of each of the burs below:
  • B118.421 Busch Bur 411CCC 1.00mm
  • B118.421.5 Busch Bur 411CCC  1.10mm
  • B118.422 Busch Bur 411CCC  1.20mm
  • B118.422.5 Busch Bur 411CCC  1.30mm
  • B118.423 Busch Bur 411CCC  1.40mm
  • B118.423.5 Busch Bur 411CCC  1.50mm
  • B118.424 Busch Bur 411CCC  1.60mm
  • B118.425 Busch Bur 411CCC  1.80mm
  • B118.426 Busch Bur 411CCC  2.10mm
  • B118.426.5 Busch Bur 411CCC  2.30mm

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