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Carl Zeiss Binocular Magnifiers

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Product Details

A new version with titanium frames is available.

The new frames are slightly different from the old frames. What you see in our video are the old frames. The new frames have a different ear wrap on the spring temples, which is the part that fits around the back of your ear. Otherwise the new versions seem the same as the old versions.

The Carl Zeiss binocular magnifiers deliver 2.3x magnification at 10” with an outstanding 2” field of view. Using Galilean type optics, they differ from other types of binocular magnifiers in their comfort and their classically proportion design. Most importantly, the German made optics of Carl Zeiss are well known for their quality, and deliver crisp details with sharp contrast over extended periods of use. Jewelers who need to comfortably see fine details will appreciate these lightweight (weighs only 1.5 oz.) German made binoculars. Inter pupillary distance range is a maximum spread of 38mm with a minimum of 28mm.  The range is marked on the bridge as 35-30 for ease of adjustments. 

When considering which binocular magnifiers to buy, consider all of the important factors; the magnification (2.3x), the focal length (10"), the field of view (2") and the depth of field (1/2")

  • Magnification/Field of View-To help imagine what you will be seeing with the Carl Zeiss binocular magnifiers, take the magnification and times it by the field of view to come up with what you will see when you wear them (2.3X x 2" equals an area that is 4.6" wide). Now imagine that if you were looking at a 2" section of a ruler, that section under magnification would appear to be 4.6" wide. Simply stated, your 2" ruler appears to be 2.3 times larger.
  • Focal Length-To experience the focal length, take a ruler and measure from you eyes to a distance 10" away. That will be the focal point when you are wearing the Carl Zeiss binocular magnifiers.
  • Depth of Field-Another factor to consider is the depth of field, or the area that stays in focus measured from front to back, not just from side to side. The Carl Zeiss binocular magnifiers has a large depth of field, approximately 1/2" (13mm) so that a deep area is nicely in focus.

The Carl Zeiss binocular magnifiers include a leather case and a lens cleaning cloth.

The factory has discontinued the accessories that could extend the focus of these binocular magnifiers. They also no longer produce the frames that you could mount these in that would also allow you to fit your prescription lenses into. All these items are no longer available.

These will not fit OVER your prescription glasses.

Please see our video on the Carl Zeiss binocular magnifiers for additional information on these glasses and details on our return policy.

Our Return Policy:  Buying glasses of any kind is a very personal experience.  If you are not happy with your purchase of the Carl Zeiss binocular magnifiers for any reason you can return them to us for a full refund plus up to a $20.00 shipping credit to cover your original shipping charge.  Return must be started within 30 days of purchase. Glasses must be in original as new condition with the original cases. You must pay for insured returned postage.  Shipping credit is limited to $20.00 for both domestic and overseas orders. We will not refund duties fees or taxes for orders shipped outside the USA.


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nick Tsacoumangos
Zeus’s magnifier glasses

Great quality excellent field of view. Hard to adjust eye distance tho.

Sue Chapman

I was very disappointed with these extremely expensive binoculars. I found focusing them was very difficult (I ended up taking them to my optometrist to focus them for me). When I had them properly focused I could not work with them on as the field of vision was so small (I make jewellery). I ended up selling them on eBay for less than half of what I paid for them and went back to my optometrist for some really strong reading glasses which work a treat.

Eric Allen Montgomery
tricky to adjust; far from satisfied that they're right

Just had these arrive and am having a lot of trouble adjusting them so that I'm not getting double vision. The simple thumb screw for each lens is merely a lock - doesn't "travel" to adjust focus like actual binoculars, and so you have to slide each lens physically from side to side to try and centre them on your pupil. The fit of the rail on one lens is quite loose and skitters back and forth too easily when trying to adjust, whereas the other other lens binds, meaning I have to take the set off and use two hands to get it to slide. This is not making for ease of use. I have managed only once (in 30 minutes) to get the two lenses to align properly, only to find out they were each so far off to one side I was unconsciously turning my head about 15 degrees from centre. Still fiddling and hoping I haven't made an expensive mistake.

I should note that during my brief moment of clarity the optics were amazing, so I really hope I can solve the adjustment issues.

The ear piece "wraps" are also very tightly coiled; painfully so (and it's not like I've overly large ears). I'm leery to try and uncurl them to fit properly until I've solved the focus issues, as I may have to return these and don't want to physically alter them to any great extent.

All in all, not nearly as pleased as I'd hoped to be, especially for the price.

Setting up the Carl Zeiss Magnifiers to fit your eyes does require some fiddling, but once set you no longer need to adjust them. The thumb screw adjustment is quite simple indeed. You may want to ask your local optician to set them up for you, including adjusting the frames to fit your head. It's the kind of thing they do all day long, making sure your pupils are centered and that the frames are adjusted comfortably. No worries though if you don't like them, we have a liberal return policy on the Carl Zeiss Magnifiers, as explained in our video. Buying and wearing these glasses is a very personal thing, some folks love them, others don't.

Best pair of German made binoculars ever for the price

I have been looking for a pair of binoculars that will work well but I could not afford $1200 plus so this when this showed up here I thought I will give it a go. FANTASTIC! They are so good and you can't even feel them. I think I might pick up another pair just incase. I travel a bit and engrave so it is nice to have something so powerful in my my pocket all the time.

An Absolute Essential

This is one of my very best investments, and something that has gotten hours of use every single day for nearly two full years. Why? These magnifiers get you right up close on top of your work, with a crisp, sharp view. I snug these up on glasses keepers after I put them on, so that they come on and off quickly yet stay out of the way, to easily trade views with the microscope when I have to get in even closer. The working distance is very comfortable. I work at the bench, the split lap, and the polishing lathe with these, and see what is going on clearly at a relaxed distance. My old magnifiers are like looking through a wide angle lens, and I just don't use them. With a relaxed working distance you can maintain relaxed working positions. My posture has improved with these, and I can now work longer hours, yet be ache and pain free at the end of the day. This is an absolute essential for me. And a great value to boot.