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Cobalt Steel Twist Drill Set of 10 on 3/32" Shanks-0.50mm to

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Product Details

Cobalt Steel is a step up from High Speed Steel, offering better tool life for more drills per drill. Cobalt Steel is harder and therefore more brittle than HSS and work best with harder materials like nickel based white golds, stainless steels and other hard materials. You can expect a longer service life for cutting softer metals like yellow gold, silver, brass and copper using these Cobalt Steel twist drills compared to HSS twist drills.

These top quality Cobalt Steel twist drills are on 3/32" (2.35mm) diameter shanks making it much faster and easier to change from drill to drill, especially if you are using a fixed collet type handpiece like a quick change handpiece. Mandrels with 3/32" diameter shanks;are the popular standard in the jewelry industry. This assortment contains one each of the following Cobalt Steel twist drills on 3/32" shanks:
  • 128.705 .50mm
  • 128.707 .70mm
  • 128.709 .90mm
  • 128.711 1.1mm
  • 128.714 1.4mm
  • 128.716 1.6mm
  • 128.718 1.8mm
  • 128.720 2.0mm
  • 128.722 2.2mm

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