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Creative Metal Forming by Betty Helen Longhi and Cynthia Eid

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Learn Synclastic and Anticlastic Forming, the New Contemporary Metal Forming Techniques

This comprehensive book surveys contemporary metal forming techniques including the ins and outs of synclastic and anticlastic forming through three dozen exercises and hundreds of full colored detailed photographs.The authors "have succeeded in assembling the first comprehensive textbook on synclastic and anticlastic forming" says Michael Good, designer and metalsmith,in his foreword for the book.

Dedicated to the memory of Heikki Seppa, who introduced the world to his concepts and techniques of shellforming, the authors have done agreat job in explaining these techniques like none have been able to do so before. Hardcover 253 pages.

This book explains the terminology and techniques used for metal forming in great detail. Chapters are as follows:

  • Getting Started-The Basics of Forming
  • Synclastic Forming
  • Anticlastic Forming
  • Spiculums
  • Transistions
  • Torquing
  • Multi-shell
  • Foldforming
  • Raising

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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