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Durston Drawbench 1400

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Product Details

Pulling wire through a draw plate can be a difficult task, and near impossible when making long pulls on thick wire.  Jewelers draw benches make drawing wire a breeze.  The draw bench is a integral tool in any well provisioned goldsmiths work shop.

The Durston 1400 drawbench can be operated as a direct 1 to 1 crank for lighter diameter wire drawing or with a 4 to 1 reduction for heavier wire pulls. Use the crank from one side of the bench for the direct drive, or switch to the other side for the 4 to 1 reduction. Includes German made Draw Tongs.  Draw plates sold separately.

* 950mm (37-3/8") working length
* Pulls up to 10mm wire diameter
* 2-Speeds-Direct 1 to 1 or 4 to 1 reduction
* 54"L by 22" W by 38-1/8" H
* Made in England

Durston 1190

Durston DDB 1400

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