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EZ Torch Kits Complete with 3 Tips, Hose-Includes Your Choice of Regulator

Part # 114.250
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Kit Options: For Disposable Propane Tank

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Product Details

Choose from 2 Complete Kits Including Regulators:
  • 114.250 With Disposable Propane Tank Regulator
  • 114.251 With Refillable Propane Tank Regulator

Here's a proven portable jewelers torch that doesn't require an oxygen tank or a bulky gas regulator. The EZ torch, also called the ORCA torch, is an atmospheric torch that works without bottled oxygen, drawing the necessary oxygen from the surrounding air. It also does without the expense of a typical propane gas regulator, instead using precision valves designed to fit either a disposable propane tank or the basic refillable (BBQ type) propane tank. The EZ atmo torch is easy to travel with, as a gas source can usually be obtained at your destination. All you need is a propane or MAPP gas fuel source to do basic soldering jobs for jewelry work of all kinds.

The EZ torch is a great idea for jewelers that want a basic soldering torch without the expense of buying expensive tanks and gauges. The Easy torch is a high precision instrument intended for use as a general purpose soldering and annealing torch. Operation temperature is 2000oF (1093oC) to 2400oF (1315oC).

Otto Frei sells complete versions of the EZ/ORCA torch including the regulator. Our complete versions of the Easy Torch include a torch body, 50 inch long hose, 3 tips, and the regulator of your choice. Choose your torch kit with regulator above. Detailed instructions included. Propane tanks sold separately.

For Disposable Propane/MAPP gas Tanks (Part # 114.250) manual, click here.

For Refillable (BBQ Type) Propane Tanks (Part # 114.251) manual, click here.


The EZ torch is designed to be used by professionals in an appropriately controlled environment.
  • Read Instructions before use!
  • Remove torch valve from tank when not in use.
  • Hose connections must be tightened by wrench, not by hand.
  • Propane gas in tanks is liquefied. Tanks must always be kept in an upright position while torch is in use.
  • Check hose for wear and replace when necessary.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nice addition to my bench

A most welcome addition to my bench. A single tank high pressure system. It allows finger tip adjustments to both gas flow and air Venturi while working. Can easily dial back to a reducing flame when desired. Ergonomics are satisfactory, but the Venturi ring can get warm. Quicker start up and shut down than my 2 tank system. I bought the disposable tank system. Quality of construction appears good, but only time will tell. My only criticism is that I would prefer a more supple hose.

Love my orca! <3

Definitely a nice torch ... have done small pieces and large pieces with mine, and its also easy to take to a show with me.

Great for traveling

Great little torch. Works well when traveling and working at show booth.


Love this torch. I have used it for approximately 1 year. So easy to use and beats holding the blue propane bottle . I especially like the fact that it is easy to travel with (to classes etc.) Make sure you tighten everything before using and you shouldn't have any problems.

Ruby Eyescream
Jeweler and Owner of Eyescream Jewelry Oakland Storefront

I picked up this torch at the end of last year. I researched all over the web, to make sure it would suit my needs. I Love this torch, just note there are Two Big things about this torch that need to be addressed while using it. One, the knob for the Oxygen to be turned on or off, is VERY touchy. SO much so, that every time I use the torch, it will slide and turn itself off over and over in the course of a project. So it won't hold where you open the Oxygen knob at, it will Always slip because it is a loose knob. Two, you MUST clean the inside of the torch head and torch tip after every use (at the end of each day or night you've used it). I noticed a build up of a light brown oil on the inside of the torch tip and sometimes down in the torch head near where the Oxygen comes in. I unscrew the torch tip each night after and clean both with a Q-tip. If you do not do this Each night once finished, you will get a nasty build up of gunk and white crusty chunks. It won't take very long (matter of a couple of days of use), for that to occur. I knew that when getting the torch, because I did research on the torch online, and read many comments regarding that issue. I don't mind cleaning the torch and tip each night, I just wish the Oxygen knob weren't so touchy and slippery, that it slips constantly while using, and makes the torch go out so often. If the Oxygen knob had more control while adjusting (as in staying put on a tight thread), then this torch get 5 stars.