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Fretz SH-1 Jewelers Sledge Hammer

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Product Details

The Fretz Sledge Hammer is a Masterpiece from the creative talents of Bill and Jordan Fretz. The Jewelers Sledge Hammer is the biggest hammer in the Fretz line, with a massive 5-3/8" (135mm) long polished stainless steel head on a thicker axe style handle. The Fretz Sledge Hammer weighs 1.65 lbs, (.75 Kilo) and is meant for doing some serious metal whacking. Like all Fretz handles, this one is made from Paduck hardwood and smoothly finished to perfection.

The head shape is similar to a modified goldsmiths hammer, with a round 1-1/8" (27mm) diameter end and a 1" x 1/4" (25mm x 6mm) pien style wedge end on the other.

When you need to move some serious metal, this is the tool you would reach for.

From Bill Fretz:

The Fretz Jewelers Sledge Hammer is designed for forging heavy wire, rod or sheet. The relatively small round face, on a large hammer, is designed so the work is visible as the hammer is descending towards the project. The curved handle makes the hammer easy to hold while the weight of the head does most of the work.

The crafts-person chokes up on the handle while using the cross-pein end. This gives a comfortable holding position while the shorter grip helps with hammering accuracy need with the cross-pein end.

Aspect Specification
Brand Fretz
Face Sizes 27mm & 25 x 6mm
Overall Length 11-3/8"
Head Length 135mm (5-3/8")
Head Type Forming
Head Weight 1.65 lbs. (.75 Kilo)
Country of Origin Vietnam

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