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Glardon-Vallorbe LO0413 Liners Gravers-Straight

Part # 136.254A
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Product Details

Otto Frei has many New Old Stock numbers of genuine Swiss Made liner gravers. Some of this stock dates from 50 years ago-or more-and pre-dates the factory conversion to Glardon-Vallorbe branding. These "NOS" liner gravers may be branded with trademarks that have been retired by the UMV factory in Vallorbe Switzerland. All of these Swiss Made liner gravers were made in the town of Vallorbe Switzerland!

If a number is not available for purchase above it is sold out and no longer available.

Understanding Liner Gravers 
Defined by widths of cutting edges and number of lines graver will cut at one stroke. The “width” refers to the size of the lines and the space between them, not just how wide (true width) the markings a graver will make is. To determine the true width of a liner graver, use the width chart to find the size of the distance between lines and multiply by the number of lines.

The first number is the width number, the second number the distance between the lines

6 .080mm, 8 .100mm, 10 .125mm, 12 .150mm, 16 .200mm, 18 .227mm, 20 .250mm

For Example-a 10 x 12 liner graver will be 1.5mm "true width"  (12 lines x .125mm = 1.50mm) a 20 x 20 liner will be 5.0mm "true width" (20 lines x .250mm = 5.00mm.

Please note-"true width" refers to the width of the cut the graver makes in your metal, not the width of the graver itself. Measurement are approximate. We are dealing with an ancient system here.

Choose from sizes:

136.234-84  LO0413 8W 4L
136.240-1016  LO0413 10W 16L
136.249-143  LO0413 14W 3L
136.248B  LO0413 14W 12L
136.249-1413  LO0413 14W 13L
136.252  LO0413 16W 8L
136.254  LO0413 16W 10L
136.254A  LO0413 16W 20L
136.255-1814  LO0413 18W 14L
136.257-344 LO0413 34W 4L
136.260D  LO0413 20W 20L
136.260F  LO0413 22W 14L

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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