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Hydroflux Welder Water Torch

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The HydroFlux is an oxyhydrogen generator that operates by converting distilled water into an oxygen/hydrogen fuel gas. The HydroFlux Welder creates gas on a demand basis. This means that there is no potentially dangerous stored gas.

When used without the methanol/boric acid flux mixture the maximum temperature is 4850oF (2675oC). When use with the methanol/boric acid flux mixture the maximum temperature is 3485oF (1918oC).

The Hydroflux is a German designed water torch that is built in the United States. Thousands of Hydroflux welders are in use making the Hydroflux welder the most popular water torch in the USA. Its compact size and proven reliability has made it our best selling water torch. The Hydroflux can be used with the standard methanol (also known as methyl alcohol), and boric acid flux mixture for gold and silver repair or without the flux mixture for platinum work (to switch from standard use with flux mixture to use without the flux mixture requires the careful draining of the flux mixture chamber without tipping over the machine-a turkey baster works good)!

The Hydroflux produces a small precise flame for doing jewelry repair work. It is not suitable for casting or large scale metal work Because the HydroFlux Welder burns a gas that has a high hydrogen content, it produces what is referred to as a "reducing" flame. What this means is that the flame of the HydroFlux Welder will actually eliminate oxides to some extent. Because it reduces or eliminates oxidation, soldering with the HydroFlux Welder is much cleaner than what can be achieved with traditional torches. However, the reducing flame of the HydroFlux is only effective where the flame is actually in contact with the piece. Because of this, it is always advisable to use a flux dip prior to soldering, and to use a suitable flux when soldering to ensure clean, perfect joints.

The Hydroflux comes with one torch, eight tips ranging in size from 30 gauge to 18 gauge, a package of cotton fiber filter material, an in line hose filter, two dry chemical packages, one containing potassium hydroxide pellets to be mixed with distilled water, the other boric acid powder to be mixed with locally obtainable methanol. The chemicals are shipped dry, eliminating DOT hazardous shipping charges, however, the dry chemicals are classified ORMD, meaning we can only ship the chemicals via ground UPS or FedEX, as we cannot ship the chemicals by air service or via the post office. Complete mixing instructions and an owner's manual are included. The Hydroflux has a one-year warranty. Weighs 45 lbs, shipping weight is higher.

For a link to the owners manual and MSDS information on the Okai Hydroflux,Click Here.

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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

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retracting my earlier review

After speaking with manufacturer all has been corrected. I am fully retracting my previous review. The welder works wonderfully.


This is an amazing torch! Easy to setup and very easy to operate plus it fits right on my soldering bench. Don't be nervous about the chemicals - just read through the manual and info and follow the simple steps. I was soldering with it shortly after it arrived - it was so easy! I have been soldering and brazing for 2 years now with only a simple propane torch. During those past 2 years I have researched extensively which torch would fit best for what I do now and want to do in the future while saving up money. This is the best purchase (and my first from otto frei) that I have made so far and I am already wondering how I got this far without. Highly recommend - and the best part is that I can bring it with me to my next show, and do repairs, solder jumprings for charms, etc, right on the spot! The customer service when I purchased the unit was excellent - contacted me right away about my purchase and to let me know that these are built to order. Was told it would be 4-6 weeks and it arrived in 4 weeks =) If you solder daily (or only a few times a week) and want to expand what you can do either now or in the future than this is the torch for you. The different tips are so easy to change and have pinpoint accuracy. It does make a "humming" noise but it is not loud at all. The unit is very well made, high quality, and not "cheap" in any way. LOVE THIS TORCH.