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Ikohe Belt Sander

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Product Details

Belt sanders are great tools to have in the workshop, speeding up grinding and finishing jobs while allowing you to use both hands so flat surfaces are easy to achieve. The problem with belt sanders for jewelers has always been that the common industrial belt sander is just too darn big for the average jeweler. Ikohe has solved this problem by designing a jewelers sized belt sander that is just right for the jewelers bench.

Formerly branded as the Wolf belt sander, the Ikohe Belt Sander remains unchanged since it was first introduced. It is a compact design that uses 1” wide sanding belts and easily connects to your flexshaft for power.

The Ikohe belt sander requires a flex shaft machine to use. It connects to the end of your USA style key tip flex shaft inner cable and does not require the use of a flex shaft handpiece. A flex shaft is not included with the Ikohe belt sander.

The Ikohe belt sander does not work with the slip joint European style flex shaft. It can be used mounted directly to your bench with the included clamp, or fitted to your GRS BenchMate with an optional adapter. The Ikohe Belt Sander also includes an attachment for hooking up to a dust collector, to help remove dust particles. This is a great little tool that has been perfectly designed for the bench jeweler, helping to speed up polishing and grinding applications for your creations and your tools. Just a quick zip zip on the belt sander, and you’ve just saved yourself lots of time compared to hand finishing.

The Ikohe Belt Sander uses belts manufactured by 3M, so you can get all the great 3M abrasive products like 3M Trizact™, Regal™, Xodust, Imperial Micofinishing Film and Diamond Microfinishing Film. Putting these advanced abrasives on your bench is just one for reason for making the Ikohe Belt Sander indispensable for the jeweler. The Ikohe Belt Sander Kit includes the Ikohe Belt Sander with standard bench clamp and 5 KOYO ruby belts, one each 80, 120, 180, 240 and 320 grit. Options include the adaptor mount to fit your new Ikohe Belt Sander to a GRS BenchMate tm, and a selection of 3M belts. Belts are 10-1/2" (267mm) by 1" (25.4mm). Clamp opening 1-3/4"

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

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Mana Hewitt
Time saver

This is a studio work horse. Well constructed and saves time sanding and filing.

Nando Priego
Excellent Almighty tool!!

I purchased this little almighty belt sander on amazon, same price as here for the exact thing. I gotta say, $190 for a small belt sander makes you think twice before buying, specially if you aren’t too sure since it’s not a “known” brand. I am really impressed of how well this little tool is made, and it performs as expected. I am glad I purchased it. You obviously need a Foredom Flexshaft to operate this little tool, you’ll love it. The sanding belts can be hard to find, specially if you buy on amazon, I recommend that you purchase here. All the sanding belts are available here.

Super awesome tool that'll save you a LOT of time!

This is such a well-made and versatile tool! Sanding belts are readily available and in a wide range of materials and grits. Takes some getting used to but well worth every penny!