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Japanese Silicone WA Brown Pre-Polishing Wheels

Part # 110.414
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Shape: #10 Knife Edge Mounted

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Product Details

"Improved cutting efficiency. You can cut well, at the same time making jewelry surface smooth for next step of polishing shine. Saves lots of time."

Above is a translation from the Japanese about these products.

These abrasive wheels compete with another famous Japanese abrasive we sell and an Italian and German version we offer. They are for removing material while leaving behind a pre-polished smooth finish ready for final polishing. That means you can remove surface imperfections with these abrasives without having to do a lot of further steps to achieve a great final finish.

If you like Shofu wheels or Eve Polishers, perhaps you should give these abrasives a spin on your old rotary tool.

Sold in packs of 5

Choose from 4 shapes:
  • 110.413 #13 Bullet Mounted
  • 110.414 #10 Knife Edge Mounted
  • 110.415 #11 Square Edge Mounted
  • 110.416 #28 Point Mounted

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

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Laura Spain
didn't last long

I tried these, really like the small size, but they sure didn't last long. almost a one time, two time use.